Emmerdale's Lisa Riley was 'always the hunter' with ex boyfriends

Lisa Riley was always the one doing the chasing in relationships before she met musician Al credit:Bang Showbiz
Lisa Riley was always the one doing the chasing in relationships before she met musician Al credit:Bang Showbiz

Lisa Riley was “always the hunter” with ex boyfriends.

The ‘Emmerdale’ star has been with her musician fiance Al for nine years, but insists that while it sounds like a “cliché”, she always found it tough to land a man when she was actively looking for a boyfriend.

The 46-year-old actress told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “In my previous relationships, I was always the hunter, out looking for a man.

“I know it sounds like a cliché, but it’s true that when you’re not looking, love can land on your doorstep. I’m proof of that.

“I’d finished ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, I was loving life and enjoying seeing my friends. There was a lot going on – I’d just lost my mum – and another relationship wasn’t on my radar.

“I was hugely guarded when we first met, but how wrong I was! The great thing was, he didn’t know who I was, so he didn’t give a c*** if I was a lollypop lady or working on the bins.”

While recalling their early romance and looking after her young nephews, Lisa gushed about Al adores how she is “bonkers and full of beans” and how his calm approach to life works well.

She said: “We went to a trampoline park, then we went bowling and out for lunch and then we went to an arcade. We were out from ten in the morning until seven.

“Loads of people were coming up for selfies and I was joking with them all. Al said, ‘Will you just please have your lunch, you’re not working today.’

“And my eldest nephew turned to him and said, ‘How do you put up with her!’ But Al would never change me. He loves that I’m bonkers and full of beans and useless at sitting still and I love how relaxed he is.

“We complement each other completely. I’m volume ten and he’s volume three, so he turns me down to a five!”

Despite being engaged since 2018, the ex ‘Waterloo Road’ star - who plays Mandy Dingle on the ITV1 soap - insisted the couple had no "need" to head down the aisle.

Lisa said: “We’ve lost both our mums. And when it comes to things like weddings, you do it for the other people. Both of us talk about it all the time and feel as long as we’re happy we don’t need rings on our fingers.”

“I’m not the kind of girl who wants a big flouncy day with a horse and carriage.

“I’m never going to change my name, so really, what would be different? And I wouldn’t be able to wear a wedding band very much because I’ve always got Mandy’s jewellery on.”