Emmerdale's Marshall is manipulated by Colin as homophobia story continues

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale's Marshall Hamston found himself manipulated once again by his homophobic father Colin in tonight's episode (Tuesday, March 14).

Marshall recently moved in with Laurel Thomas who offered him a place to stay, after discovering that Colin had been violent towards him.

Her son Arthur had raised concerns over how Colin was treating Marshall at home and Laurel ended up discovering bruises on the teen's arm, ultimately inviting him to come live with her family for as long as he needed.

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While Marshall was living with the family, Colin actually agreed to allow his son to go back to his old school, Hotten Academy, despite previously withdrawing him to keep him away from love interest Arthur.

On tonight's episode, Colin ran into Laurel and Jai and told them he wanted to make amends with his son. Colin said that "every family has its ups and downs" and that he and Marshall needed space to work through things.

Colin added that he may have said some things to his son "in the heat of the moment" which he now regrets. However Laurel said that Colin's comments were nothing more than "bullying" and "bigotry".

But Colin seemed determined to see Marshall, asking to either come to Laurel's home to see his son, or threatening to find him himself after school.

Later Colin came round to speak to Marshall and told him he missed him, saying that he wants what's best for his son. Laurel and Jai then left the room so Colin and Marshall could have some privacy.

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But after being left alone Colin began to manipulate his son, telling him: "You've made your point but now it's time to come home" and saying that he had overstayed his welcome with Laurel and Jai.

Colin then went on to tell his son that he doesn't know who he is or what he wants yet. "Until you've been on a date with a girl, kissed a girl, you can't know what you want," Colin said.

He then suggested that Marshall join a football team so he could keep busy with "normal, wholesome activities in his free time". With his father having made his feelings clear, Marshall ended the conversation by telling his father he'd think about what he'd had to say.

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