Emmerdale's Marshall rejects Arthur in sad scenes

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Marshall Hamston has rejected love interest Arthur Thomas in sad Emmerdale scenes.

In recent episodes, viewers have seen Marshall taken in by the Sharma-Thomases after he was threatened with being shipped off to boarding school by his homophobic father.

Marshall had asked for Arthur's support as a friend while he worked through his issues with his dad, leaving Arthur somewhat disappointed that their romance was once again put on ice.

In Wednesday's (March 15) episode, Laurel could tell that something was off with Marshall after speaking with his dad, yet the boy insisted his visit home had gone well.

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Later, as the kids were trying to score tickets to a gig, Marshall noticed Heath had been messaging with a girl and came up with an idea.

Marshall approached Cathy to tell her that Heath's situation made him think of her, leaving her confused because she thought he was interested in Arthur.

"The was just a rumour," he insisted.

Marshall changed the subject by inviting Cathy on a date to the gig, with Cathy instantly agreeing. Arthur was confused when Marshall announced he was going on a date with Cathy.

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"I just thought that would be us," Arthur pointed out. "I thought we were only waiting until things with your dad calmed down."

When Arthur pointed out that Marshall thought he's gay, his friend shot back: "Thought, not definite. I never promised you anything, so stop going on about it!"

Marshall angrily insisted: "I'm going with Cathy and I don't care what you think!"

Marshall then stormed off, leaving Arthur hurt and confused over where he stands with his love interest. Will Marshall go through with this date?

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