Emmerdale's Mary Goskirk gets warning over Faye

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Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Mary Goskirk has been warned by Suzy Merton over her relationship with Faye in Emmerdale.

Viewers got a new hint at the disaster ahead for Mary in Monday's episode (May 1) as she was questioned over whether Faye might be conning her out of money.

As far as Mary knows, Faye has been trying to collect money for a women's refuge. In reality, Faye is trying to con Mary out of cash by pretending she's in love with her.

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The situation came about when Faye suddenly announced she'd have to return to Ecuador to help with the shelter she'd funded because there had been a fire. Mary jumped in to help by suggesting a fundraiser, though Suzy noticed that Faye was very cagey when it came time to explain the financial situation in detail.

After witnessing Mary about to transfer thousands into Faye's account to help with the fundraiser, a concerned Suzy approached Mary with her reservations.

"Just how much do you know about Faye?" Suzy gently asked.

Mary was shocked, asking Suzy: "What's that supposed to mean?!"

Suzy reminded Mary that Faye had been acting "shifty" about the bank transfer and even objected to having her photo taken. Plus, Suzy pointed out that the shelter's website was overly simplistic and lacked even an email address.

emmerdale, mary, suzy

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"Faye is not doing anything dodgy," Mary insisted, adding: "You are so wrong about her."

Mary insisted she'd prove Suzy wrong and then pressed the button on her phone to initiate the transfer of "a considerable sum".

"I hope, for your sake, I'm wrong," Suzy admitted.

While Mary is resistant to accepting Suzy's warning, it will turn out that her friend is correct as Faye will turn violent once her con is close to being exposed.

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