Emmerdale's Matty Barton receives transphobic abuse in prison

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Matty Barton has received transphobic abuse in prison in Emmerdale.

Matty has been locked behind bars for weeks, after being framed for the stabbing at the Hide by Josh and Samson.

Amy visited Matty in prison during Monday's (July 8) double bill, where Matty tried to ease Amy's concerns by insisting his roommate Les knew about his transition.

"He's been great," Matty told her.

Amy sensed that Matty was just trying to make her feel better, yet her partner insisted he was adjusting well to life behind bars.

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"I can just about handle it for now," Matty told her.

Amy shared the good news that she'd hired the same lawyer who got Kyle out of the youth offender's home for Al's shooting a few years back.

"He's convinced he can get you home," Amy reported.

Unfortunately, Amy inadvertently caused trouble for Matty when she was approached by another inmate, the bully Robbo, and mistakenly assumed he was Matty's accepting cellmate Les.

After thanking Robbo for supporting Matty, Amy admitted: "I thought everyone in here would be transphobic so I'm really glad you've proved us wrong."

"I'll look out for him," Robbo promised. "His secret's safe with me."

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Matty would pay the price for Amy's mistake when Robbo lured the real Les out of his cell and then taunted Matty over his transition.

"You had us all fooled. You've got quite the act going on," Robbo snarled.

Just as Robbo lunged at Matty, Les arrived back in the cell and scared off the villain. Robbo warned he'd be back when Les wasn't around to protect Matty.

"You've got to be careful, mate," Les warned. "He ain't gonna let this go."

Les admitted the shocking news that he was being released from prison, meaning Matty would soon be on his own.

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