Emmerdale's Naomi gets caught in a lie

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Naomi Walters has been caught out for lying to dad Charles Anderson in Emmerdale.

Viewers know that the soap is setting the stage for the return of Dawn Fletcher's troublesome ex-boyfriend Alex Moore when he strikes up a romance with Naomi.

In Tuesday's (February 28) episode, landlord Marlon tried to gently confront Naomi when Ryan reported she owed back-rent for several months.

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Naomi insisted she didn't want to live in a house with somebody whose energy drained hers, this in spite of Ryan covering for her rent while she skipped out on paying.

"I'm moving out," she announced.

Marlon tried to assure her it wasn't that serious, though Naomi was insistent that she would be "fine" moving out of the cottage.

"Unless I have to sleep on a park bench and die of hypothermia," she quipped.

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Marlon was stressed as Charity complained to him about "forcing" Naomi out, insisting Ethan could have grounds to take him to court.

"Don't say that," Marlon demanded.

Naomi went to Charles for help, though she made out that she wanted to move because she was fed up with having to do the housework for Charles, Ryan and Nate.

"And living with my ex, it's just a lot to deal with," she told her dad.

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Manpreet reluctantly agreed to let Naomi move in with her and Charles, with the vicar thanking his partner for agreeing to his daughter's spur-of-the-moment request.

However, the situation got more complicated when Charles and Manpreet went to the Woolpack. Ethan off-handedly quipped to Ryan that he could recommend a cleaner since he was so in need.

"You did know [Ryan] and Ethan have been paying her rent for the last three months," Charity revealed.

Naomi walked into a very awkward scene as Manpreet, Charles, Ryan and Charity were trying to piece together the differing explanations they'd been given for the move.

Manpreet and Charles were still willing to let Naomi in, provided she was more responsible with her wages. Charles also offered to pay off his daughter's debt to Ryan.

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Upcoming scenes of Naomi and AlexITV

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The vicar told his daughter she could pay him back by doing outreach work from the church during her off-time.

"It's time you did less partying and more paying it forward," Charles insisted.

Will Naomi give up her partying lifestyle?

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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