Emmerdale's Nicola King left devastated by Bernice Blackstock betrayal

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Nicola King has been betrayed by sister Bernice Blackstock in Emmerdale.

Bernice has been lying for months about how she's funded the amenities at the B&B, having secretly taken out a massive loan in Nicola's name behind her back.

In Friday's episode (November 10), Bernice surprised daughter Gabby and sister Nicola with an invitation for a health walk and then lunch to celebrate the launch of the B&B.

However, Gabby and Nicola had no idea that Bernice was actually dodging harassing phone calls from creditors throughout the day.

emmerdale's bernice blackstock

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Bob interrupted a heart-to-heart between Bernice and Cathy to admit he was worried by how much his business partner was spending on decorations and gifts for guests.

"You've got to speculate to accumulate," Bernice insisted.

During her launch with the family, Bernice had to step away to take a call from one of the creditors to promise she'd sort things out.

Later, Nicola was stunned to see a hauling van at her house and bailiffs removing her furniture. She was horrified to find out someone had taken out a £20,000 loan in her name.

Bernice was shown timidly watching from the B&B across the road as Rodney and Nicola tried to assure the children they weren't losing their home.

emmerdale's nicola king

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Nicola tried to figure out how someone had been able to sign for a loan without her knowing, with Rodney suggesting she visit her sister and fill out a fraud form online.

"I'm going to make sure they find the scumbag who did this," Nicola vowed.

When she went round to the B&B, Nicola found a hand-written letter addressed to her, where Bernice confessed she'd been the one to take out a fraudulent loan.

"She did this and now she can't face me, so she's done a runner," a stunned Nicola revealed to Bob.

With Bernice's exit looming, will Nicola be able to confront her sister before she flees the village?

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