Emmerdale's Suzy Merton faces revenge calls over Holly death

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Suzy Merton is facing revenge calls over Holly's death in Emmerdale.

The truth came out this week that Suzy gave Holly money to buy the drugs she'd overdosed on, yet Suzy never intended for her friend to buy heroin.

With Moira in pain over the revelation, Holly's brother Matty Barton and Mack Boyd had a conversation about reprisals Suzy may face if she ever returns to the village.

Matty explained to Mack he never got a chance to say goodbye to Holly because he wasn't ready yet to tell his family about his transition. Now, he felt robbed of what might have been.

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

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"It's Suzy that took that away from you," Mack insisted. "She's the one to blame, not you, mate."

Moira didn't feel the same, suggesting the temptation for Holly was there regardless of Suzy. She also encouraged Matty to let go of any guilt he felt because Holly knew he loved her.

In spite of Moira's pleas for Matty to honour Holly's life, Mack insisted they needed to take reprisals if Suzy ever turned up again.

"If she ever comes back here, I'll make her sorry she ever laid eyes on your sister," Mack vowed. "You with me?"

"Do you even need to ask?" Matty unflinchingly answered.

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

Meanwhile, nobody realises that Leyla had been buying drugs from Suzy's dealer as well. Leyla joined in with the rest of the village to attack Suzy, in order to keep her addiction secret.

Liam met up with Vanessa and Leyla at the cafe, where he complained about how Suzy's drug secrets over Holly mean she is a "narcissist".

Leyla felt the comments were hitting close to home, but decided to join the pack rather than defend her friend Suzy from the unfair accusations.

"I know she was your mate and this whole thing has come as just as much of a shock to you," Vanessa told a guilt-ridden Leyla.

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

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Vanessa agreed to join Liam and Leyla for dinner, but Leyla couldn't take their "tedious" discussion of drug use any longer.

As Leyla dropped off a tipsy Vanessa at home, Vanessa asked Leyla directly if she'd known about Suzy abusing drugs.

"No, of course not," Leyla lied.

Vanessa credited Leyla with being "the only one who really understands" her feelings of betrayal, having no idea that her friend is hiding an addiction of her own.

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