Emmerdale's Suzy questioned by Moira over Holly death secret

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Suzy Merton has begged Vanessa Woodfield to keep her secret over Holly's death in Emmerdale.

Viewers will remember that Suzy inadvertently gave Holly the money she used to buy drugs on the day she overdosed, though Holly's mum Moira previously had no idea the two had any connection.

This all changed when it was time for the big HOP/Take a Vow business presentation during Monday's dramatic episode (July 11).

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

Moira naturally attended but was stunned when the slideshow featured a photo of Holly with Suzy — wearing the same dress she had on the day she died.

Vanessa tried to cover for Suzy, yet Moira was rightfully upset that Suzy would keep the fact that she knew Holly a secret. Suzy claimed she'd only given Holly a few photography gigs at the wedding, yet Moira remained unsettled.

"That night, what happened to Holly? I need to know," Moira begged.

With Jai and Moira begging her for any clues on Holly's last night alive, Suzy made up that she left early so couldn't have seen what set Holly off.

Later, Vanessa was horrified when Suzy privately confided that it was her drug dealer who'd sold Holly the drugs that killed her.

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

"I said she could treat herself," Suzy admitted. "She was supposed to buy coke, the same as me."

Suzy ultimately revealed she'd also sacked Holly on the night of her death because she "didn't want to feed her habit". Vanessa tore a strip off Suzy, telling her she "might as well have stuck the needle in her arm".

Moira interrupted their conversation to apologise for her outburst at the HOP/TAV presentation, insisting Holly's death wasn't Suzy's fault.

"That's what you probably feared right? Some crazy woman kicking off," Moira asked.

Moira asked if Suzy would mind sharing any stories about her friendship with Holly. After Moira left, Suzy put pressure on Vanessa to keep her secret.

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

"You tell her and she's only going to drive herself nuts by stewing on more what-ifs because that is all I've done," Suzy reasoned.

Will Vanessa keep Suzy's secret "for everyone's sake"?

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