Emotional Family Thanksgiving Reunion Sparks Hugs and Tears

A woman surprised her mother by returning to her hometown of El Paso, Texas, on November 24 just in time for Thanksgiving.

Monica Lira, who shot this video, told Storyful her older sister, Christina, lives in San Antonio, some eight hour’s drive from El Paso. Christina rarely sees her family in El Paso due to the distance.

“So my mom was really sad this year because my sister was saying how she was not going to be able to come down for Thanksgiving break,” Lira said. “It was so hard to keep it a secret from my mom and my daughter.”

In the video, their mother starts crying when she spots Christina and immediately locks her in a hug.

“You can definitely say it was worth it!” Lira said. Credit: Monica Lira via Storyful

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