Emotional moment migrants arrive in the USA for the first time after crossing Mexican border.

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This is the emotional moment asylum seekers with children and babies crossed a river from Mexico into the United States in the dead of night.

Children and babies just months old crossed the Rio Grande overnight with their parents in small inflatable rafts to enter the country through Roma, Texas.

Dramatic video shows the travellers sharing tearful embraces and reaching to the sky in prayer after arriving safely.

One woman collapsed to the ground to hold her children after they exited a boat and started crying.

The poignant video shows a woman using crutches being aided by others as she scrambles out of her watercraft and over the rocks to the land.

A young boy wearing a 'Spongebob Squarepants' jumper is dwarfed by a US Border Patrol agent as they check his documentation.

Exhausted faces and sleeping babies were lit up by the flashing red and blue lights of the patrol vehicles as they wait in line to submit the papers they carried for hundreds of miles.

The majority of travellers arrive from Guatemala and Honduras and hand themselves in to Border Patrol officers to be processed.

They join long queues, mostly wearing masks, and after being processed board buses that take them away to housing facilities.

About a hundred people passed through the border town in the early hours of April 8.

US authorities reported more than 100,000 encounters on the southern border in February this year, and average of 5,000 per day in March.