Emotional moment a six-year-old girl with one arm raised enough money to have a bionic limb fitted

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This video shows the emotional moment a six-year-old girl with one arm burst into tears when she was told she'd raised enough money to have a bionic limb fitted. 

Brave Eloise Clark can be seen with tears streaming down her face before saying "thank you" and giving her mum an enormous hug after hearing the incredible news.

The schoolgirl was born with a congenital condition which means her left arm ends just below her elbow. 

Her mum Charlotte, 27, says the condition has affected her confidence over the years and left her feeling like an outcast from other children at times. 

She set up a crowdfunding page just nine days ago to try to raise £10,000, which is how much a state-of-the-art bionic arm prosthetic costs. 

Charlotte said she was "overwhelmed with emotion" yesterday (Thurs) as she watched the target surpassed barely a week after it was set. 

The mum-of-two, from Lincoln, Lincs., was then able to capture on camera the incredible moment Eloise was given the good news. 

Charlotte can be heard asking: "How much money do we need? I think we need £10,000, don't we? Do you know what we've got?"

Year one schoolgirl Eloise then gives her mum an enormous smile before moving towards her, arms outstretched for a hug. 

Charlotte can be heard sobbing from behind the camera as she embraces her little one before she reappears on-screen with tears streaming down her face. 

The mum then says, "you've done it", before giving Eloise, who says "thank you" into the camera, a big kiss. 

Speaking today (Fri), Charlotte said: "Eloise has wanted a bionic arm for years so to finally be here feels amazing and quite surreal. 

"We just can't believe how generous people have been and how quickly we have reached the target, it's overwhelming. 

"This will make such a huge difference to Eloise's life, she will be able to do so many things that she can't do now."

She added: "Eloise's arm has always affected her confidence.

"I tell her all the time that she's beautiful and nothing is wrong but she wants to have two hands and that's her choice."

Charlotte said Eloise is overjoyed at the support she has received and is taking the surreal experience in her stride.

She added: "This morning she said to me, 'I have £10,000, how much do you have?'

"I couldn't believe it but I couldn't help but laugh, she's such a cheeky girl."

The money will be spent on a prosthetic made by Bristol-based firm Open Bionics at a cost of £10,000

The firm uses a state-of-the-art 3D printer to build the arm which gives amputees never before experienced mobility.

Charlotte said the standard fee is £10,000 but if they raise more then they will use the money for additional expenses such as travel.

She would also like to one day set up a charity to support others in similar situations. 

Eloise was born with a condition called amniotic band syndrome, which can occur when the inner layer of the placenta is damaged during pregnancy.

Strands of tissue can then tangle around the developing foetus, restricting blood flow, thus affecting the growth of certain body parts.

This can cause congenital deformities such as shortened limbs, as in Eloise's case.

Charlotte said: "Since Eloise was born she's had numerous hospital appointments and tests but nothing has ever phased her. 

"Every single day she amazes me more and more. 

"Eloise has always found ways to get tasks done, for example as a baby she used to use her feet to help play with her toys, she's found ways to cut her dinner up using a knife and fork. 

"The list is endless."

Charlotte said the decision to get a bionic arm was Eloise's and that once it is fitted she will be able to do more than ever before.

They're aiming for it to be fitted at the end of this year. 

Donate here: https://uk.gofundme.com/f/eloises-bionic-arm