Is this the end of the Farage/Trump bromance? UKIP MEP slams US President for Syria attack

David Harding
Donald Trump and Nigel Farage at their famous New York meeting (PA)

They are the best of friends.

But the bromance between Nigel Farage and President Donald Trump might be over after the UKIP MEP admitted he was worried by the decision to bomb Syria overnight.

“I am very surprised by this,” said Farage.

“I think a lot of Trump voters will be waking up this morning and scratching their heads and saying ‘where will it all end?’.”

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He continued: “As a firm Trump supporter, I say, yes, the pictures were horrible, but I’m surprised. Whatever Assad’s sins, he is secular.”

And he warned against the US getting further involved in another Middle East military conflict.

“Previous interventions in the Middle East have made things worse rather than better.”

He also took to Twitter to ask: “Many Trump voters will be worried about this military intervention. Where will it end?”

Farage on the Trump campaign trail back in August last year (Rex)

The concerns over Syria mark Farage’s first criticism of Trump, who he has unquestioningly supported until now and even helped him on the president campaign trail.

Famously, Farage was also pictured in Trump’s New York mansion and became the first UK politician to meet the new president after his election victory.

President Trump ordered air strikes on a Syrian government military base overnight after blaming Bashar Al-Assad’s government for a chemical attack on civilians earlier this week on a rebel-held town near Idlib, which left around 80 people dead, including children.

Fifty nine Tomahawk missiles were fired by the US, targeting Shayrat airfield, near Homs.

The air strikes also left UKIP leader Paul Nuttall unimpressed.

In a statement he said that the strikes were “rash, trigger-happy, nonsensical and will achieve nothing”.