'It's Like the End of the World': Hundreds of Birds Crash Into NASCAR Hall of Fame Building

In a scene worthy of Hitchcock, hundreds of chimney swifts crashed into the outside of the NASCAR Hall of Fame on October 15, leaving the pavement littered with their dead or injured bodies.

“It’s like the end of the world,” one woman is heard saying in this video, which shows the birds on the ground.

An estimated 310 birds crashed into the building, which is in Charlotte, North Carolina. Of those, around a third died, the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue said in a Facebook post. Another nine were euthanized, 103 were treated for injuries, and 102 were “just stunned,” the rescue center said.

The rescue said it was surprised that the birds were chimney swifts. “This is not common behavior,” it said, adding that the birds normally roost in the evening. “They were most likely disturbed or removed from the roost,” the rescue center said.

In a statement, the NASCAR Hall of Fame said, “We are extremely grateful to Charlotte City Services, the Animal Control division of CMPD and Carolina Waterfowl Rescue for their prompt response and for handling the situation with great care and compassion.”

The Hall of Fame told CBS that it would reduce lighting in the building in the hope of preventing a recurrence. Credit: Hollie Cameron via Storyful