Endangered dusky langur wanders into toilet before kissing its own reflection in mirror

This is the bizarre moment an endangered dusky langur monkey was seen in a park toilet kissing its own reflection. The curious primate was spotted by nature lover Spencer Yau outside the public washroom in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve in Singapore on August 30. He said a second monkey was milling about in nearby trees while the other inspected the facility, first entering the women's toilet before making its way into the men's room. Video shows the wild animal perched on a faucet and staring at its own image in a mirror, apparently thinking it was another monkey. It was then seen kissing and swiping its tongue across the reflective surface. Despite the odd behaviour appearing cute to humans, it is believed to be an indication of loneliness since the dusky langur is not native to Singapore. Local media said three of the creatures, said to have come from Malaysia, were first sighted in the Woodlands area of the city-state back in August 2019. However, one of them had not been seen since September of the same year, leading researchers to believe it may have died or left the troop. The remaining two are sometimes seen roaming in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. Dusky langurs are normally found in Malaysia, Myanmar, and Thailand and have been listed as 'endangered' by the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List. The organisation cited habitat loss due to industrial, agricultural, and urban expansion as a major threat to the species.