Endangered Ferrets Explore New Home on Colorado Ranch

A group of black-footed ferrets were re-homed at a ranch in Pueblo, Colorado, on November 18, giving more hope for the survival of North America’s rarest mammal.

Footage by Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s (CPW) South East region shows conservation biologist Ed Schmal and his five-year-old daughter Sofia trying to coax one of the ferrets from its kennel and into its new home, in a prairie dog colony. Black-footed ferrets rely on prairie dog burrows for shelter, and are also a predator of that species.

Fourteen of the endangered mammals were released at the ranch.

“We were down to less than 20 in the United States at one point. That’s when they were all trapped and gathered up and the breeding program began. And over the last five or six years, we’ve really started to run with it here in Colorado and release them on public and private land,” Schmal told Fox 21. Credit: CPW SE Region via Storyful