Endangered lemur born at Bristol Zoo as keeper describes 'special moment' it was discovered

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A rare species of lemur - one of the most threatened in the world - has been born at Bristol Zoo.

The aye-aye infant, which is classified as endangered in its native Madagascar, was born a couple of months ago but was hidden away from view by its parents.

It was born to mother Tahiri and her mate Peanut and weighs only 400g.

Describing the moment they discovered the tiny creature, keeper Paige Bwye said: "I went to check on the aye-ayes and I saw these two big, dark eyes peering at me and I knew it was the new infant.

"Our eyes locked on each other. It was a very special moment for me I had also been the first to see its mother Tahiri when she was born at the zoo five years ago."

In order to protect her baby, Tahiri built a narrow corridor around the edge of her nest box in the zoo's Twilight World enclosure with wood, wool and bamboo.

At the centre of her home, she constructed a nest which kept the little lemur out of sight.

However for weeks before its discovery, the keepers could hear little squawking sounds.

Its sex is still to be identified and it has not yet been given a name.

In the wild, aye-ayes' forest homes are being destroyed for agriculture and timber.

Many are also killed as they are seen by some communities as a sign of bad luck.