Endangered tiger that attacked villagers in northeast China captured

Abbianca Makoni
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<p></p> (CGTN)

A rare tiger that attacked a villager and damaged a car in northeast China was caught after an hours-long pursuit by police and forestry officials.

The capture of the wild Siberian cat comes after a resident in the village of Linhu in the Heilongjiang province was sent to hospital for surgery after they were struck by the animal.

It was first spotted prowling through farmland at 7am by Zhang Shouzhi, a local resident, who went out to tend his fields.

He told state broadcaster CGTN : “I got up in the morning and I was taking care of my yard and I suddenly heard an animal roaring.

“I didn’t know what it was so I ran over and saw a tiger - I ran home and told my family.”

A video published by the channel also showed the tiger running and knocking a woman down before it smashed the window of a car as the occupants tried to escape - they were left unharmed.

The Siberian tiger, also known as the Amur tiger and is highly endangered, spent 13 hours roaming around the village before it was captured.

Authorities alerted the Xiaoxinganling Wild Animal Rescue and Protection Centre, which sent a team to catch the tiger, but they did not arrive for six hours, according to the South China morning post.

The paper claimed it was not until 9pm that the animal was captured with the help of several tranquilliser darts.

It was later transferred to a reserve.

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