You & Me ending explained for Ben and Emma

harry lawtey, jessica barden , you and me
You & Me ending – What happens to Ben and Emma?ITV

You & Me spoilers follow.

How do you move on from losing the love of your life? That's what Ben (Industry's Harry Lawtey) and Emma (The End of The F***ing World's Jessica Barden) find themselves contending with as they navigate the tragic love story in You & Me.

In the case of Ben, it's the loss of Jess (The Capture's Sophia Brown), who was tragically killed in a car accident outside the hospital just a day after giving birth to their twins.

For up-and-coming actress Emma, it's the death of her energetic and loving sister Joey. After an accident sends her sister to the hospital, she's left devastated after discovering Joey has a brain tumour, which eventually kills her.

With neither knowing how to move past these horrific events, both deal with their loss in separate ways – for Emma it's throwing herself into a relationship, while Ben can't bring himself to find anyone else, forever hung up on Jess as he raises their twin boy and girl.

But surely there's a happy ending in sight, right? Here's how the story played out.

You & Me ending explained: What happens to Ben and Emma?

harry lawtey, jessica barden , you and me

Ben and Emma meet through work, with journalist Ben bonding with Emma during a series of interviews he does with her.

The pair click immediately, with Emma loving playing with the twins and the pair opening up about their respective traumas, and how it's affected their lives. They feel like they "get" each other in a way others try to but fail.

But Ben is struggling, and with a fraught relationship with Jess's parents, he's unwilling to let them help. Jess's father blames Ben for her death, even though he wasn't in the car at the time, literally turning his back on her for two seconds to pick up a bag as the taxi they called turned the car around.

While Ben's mum (Julie Hesmondhalgh) encourages him to try and move on with someone else, things take a turn when Jess's mum (Andi Osho) hands him some of Jess's belongings, including a phone showing suspicious-looking messages to her ex-boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Emma hasn't been entirely honest. Hiding her relationship from Ben, it's revealed she's actually due to get married. Her fiancé Harry (Ben Starr) is a nice enough guy, but something just isn't sitting right.

Although she knows she's unhappy, with the encouragement of her mum, Emma pushes forward with the wedding plans.

harry lawtey, sophia brown, you and me

Ahead of her big day, Emma finally tells Ben the truth, leaving him devastated as he had begun to finally admit that he'd fallen for her. She apologises, acknowledging there is something there, but then walks away.

Heartbroken and in a downward spiral, Ben decides to confront Jess's ex, asking to meet him in a café to talk things over.

However, things take a turn when they finally do meet and the guy confesses he's actually gay – and the messages that seemed to allude to an affair were actually him begging Jess to keep quiet about his sexuality.

Laughing off the error, Ben is encouraged to realise that there was nothing he could have done to save Jess, and they truly were a once-in-a-lifetime love. But now, he needs to move on, because Jess would have wanted him to be happy.

So he decides to go and stop Emma's wedding.

ben starr, jessica barden, you and me

While all this is happening, it turns out Emma has actually said her "I do" already, but the wedding reception is probably the most depressing thing in this entire show (which is saying something).

Knowing she made a mistake, she breaks it off with Harry and later explains to her mum she only really did it to try and be happy, but this wasn't the way.

Knowing where her heart now lies, Emma runs off to meet Ben, and the pair meet in the park, declare their love for each other, and decide to move forward to have the best life possible together.

You & Me is available now as a box set on ITVX.

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