Energetic English Pony Demonstrates Novel Exercise Ball Technique

Itsy the pony was captured having the time of his life playing with an inflatable exercise ball in his field near Ashford, in the county of Kent, England.

This footage shows the 14-month-old pony head-butting the ball around the field, leaping onto it, and rolling off it multiple times.

Lynne Hamilton, Itsy’s owner’s sister, took this video while she tried to pick up poop from the field where Itsy grazes with his mother and nine alpacas. Hamilton can be heard asking, “How am I supposed to poo-pick with you? Crazy beast!”

Itsy’s owner, Carole Hamilton, told Storyful that she bought Itsy the special equine ball after realizing that he “loves playing with balls of all sizes and can dribble a football almost as well as David Beckham.” She created a YouTube channel dedicated to Itsy’s exercise regimen. Credit: Lynne Hamilton via Storyful