Energetic Toddler Won't Let Mother Nap

A mother’s afternoon nap was close to non-existent thanks to the antics of her busy toddler, in Las Vegas, Nevada, on April 5.

Sumala Chuencharoenwong’s baby monitor captured the energetic baby rolling around and sittong on Chuencharoenwong’s head whilst she is trying to sleep.

“Rip my whole body,” Chuencharoenwong wrote on a Tiktok post that shows the video.

Chuencharoenwong told Storyful that her son’s eczema often caused him to want to roll everywhere.

“We do enjoy cosleeping even though he does what he does,” Chuencharoenwong told Storyful. Credit: Sumala Chuencharoenwong via Storyful

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