This Morning hosts Rylan and Ruth Langsford brand energy price cap rise ‘disgusting’

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Rylan and Ruth Langsford on This Morning (ITV)
Rylan and Ruth Langsford on This Morning (ITV)

This Morning hosts Rylan Clark and Ruth Langsford branded the energy price cap “disgusting” in the latest episode of the daily TV show.

On Friday 26 August, the UK’s energy regulator Ofgem confirmed it was setting the new price cap at £3,549 from October, an 80 per cent rise.

There are now fears that the market for gas in winter will lead to “significantly worse” prices throughout 2023.

On the latest episode of This Morning, Rylan and Langsford spoke with money-saving expert Martin Lewis, who was visibly emotional over the latest news.

Lewis has warned that “people will die this winter” as a direct result of energy bills they cannot afford.

After the discussion, the co-hosts revealed they had received messages from viewers who assumed they had nothing to worry about because they have “loads of money”.

“I should just say this as well,” Rylan began as the show returned from a break, “and this is a very personal thing I’m going to say.

“You get a lot of people saying, ‘What do you know? You’ve got money, you’re a TV presenter,’ and things like that. Let me just say, I’ll be honest with you.

“I've also got a mum, I've also got a brother, I've got family. I'm very lucky that I do my job and I've been working in this industry for 10 years now, and I've been very clever with my money.

“But this is affecting everyone, this is gonna affect every single person we know and it's all very relative, so we're gonna ask those questions. I just think it's absolutely disgusting what is going on at the moment, I really, really do.”

“I take your point because I get the same. It is our job to ask those questions,” Langsford agreed.

“We're gonna help, that's what we're gonna do,” Rylan, who had earlier branded the price hikes as “disgusting”, said.

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Adam Scorer, chief executive of fuel poverty charity National Energy Action, said today: “The scale of harm caused by these price rises needs to sink in. A warm home this winter will be pipedream for millions as they are priced out of a decent and healthy quality of life.

“Households need money in their pockets to weather this storm or we are going to see millions in dangerously cold homes, suffering in misery with unimaginable debt and ill health.

“Action is needed now to prevent the bleakest of winters.”

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