England fan charts Birmingham Airport journey on way to Euro 2024

Nick Horner waited with other travellers at Birmingham Airport around 4.30am on Sunday
-Credit: (Image: Nick Horner)

An England fan has told of a two hour queue at Birmingham Airport as he prepared to fly out to watch England' Euro 2024 opener in German tonight. Reporter Nick Horner joined disgruntled passengers enduring long waits to pass through security on Sunday morning.

The Birmingham Live reporter joined the back of the queue outside the terminal at 4.25am. It was not raining this time but if it is he warned "you'll get drenched as there's no cover until one small section before you head in."

Just before 5am, he entered a covered area where there was a sign on the wall explains the queueing issue. It said: "In Summer 2024 we will open a streamlined, simpler and speedier security search area for our customers. This is currently being constructed upstairs so our security queue starts on the ground floor."

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At 5.05am, Nick, from Sutton Coldfield, said anyone with flights '6am or earlier' were pulled out of the downstairs security queue otherwise they would miss their flights. At 5.13am he could 'see' the lifts which would take him upstairs towards security.

At 5.26am - an hour after he arrived at the airport- Nick made it to security upstairs where he faced another yet another wait.

He said: "The queue got clogged at the point you scan your boarding pass. Children were crying. They'd been standing queuing for 1 hour 20 mins at the point.

"You then head around the to security scanning area. There are 7 swish new machines and a number of body scanners. I finally got to the scanner. Placed my stuff in a tray. Went to the body scanner and was asked to then take my shoes off and place them in a tray and was finally through!

"By the time I'd reconstructed my stuff into my pockets and got to the duty free shop it was 6.18am."

A full two hours after arriving at BHX, Nick managed to make it to duty free. He said: "That's nearly two hours after I joined the queue and by far the longest I've ever taken to get through at @bhx_airport."

He added: "If you're travelling I'd allow at least 3 hours before your flight to get there and get through security, as boarding is often 30 to 45 mins before your flight. If you're travelling from BHX, good luck...!

"By way of comparison there's wait times for security at my arrival airport - Dusseldorf in Germany - a 'lengthy' 5 mins at worst."