England fans create incredible portrait of Harry Kane using 10,000 dice

Two super-talented football fans spent 20 hours using dice to create a masterpiece for the Euros. Ben Hoblyn, a musician, and his friend, Ross Montogomery, a design engineer, both 30 from Duffield, Derby, have been friends for 25 years. During lockdown, they decided to get creative with the self-taught artists now having made around 50 pieces of art. Their latest project is a painting of the England captain, Harry Kane – made entirely of black and white dice. Using a photo of Kane as a reference, the friends created a monochrome image of him in front of the England emblem, just in time for the European tournament. They did this through trial and error, and the final result is a smashing success – with the art piece having gone viral on social media in the last few days. A video shows Ben and Ross emptying a bag filled with dice onto a table, before painstakingly placing each one onto a frame until their masterpiece is finished. The dice image of Kane has left social media users blown away, racking up 1.2 million views and over 101,000 likes. “We were inspired to express our creative sides during the lockdown and to see where it takes us,” Montogomery, told Jam Press. “It was a lot harder to create art during lockdown but we split it evenly. “We are football fans and we planned the Harry Kane portrait from photos and laid the dice using trial and error.” The artistic duo now also have their own website, dubbed Dice Ideas Dice, providing clients with unique and personalised artwork using their unique technique.