England’s netball team deserves a mention too

<span>Photograph: Peter Byrne/PA</span>
Photograph: Peter Byrne/PA

While most women who play sport will be delighted at the coverage given to the Lionesses’ footballing success, let’s not forget that another hugely popular women’s team sport often gets little publicity. The England team in question are Commonwealth champions. So let’s hear it for the England netball team, who are due to play in the Commonwealth Games semi-finals on Saturday.
Chris Thackray
Swindon, Wiltshire

• Re your article on the rise of secret weddings (‘We called the mums about an hour after the ceremony’: the rise of secret weddings, 3 August), I met my husband, Patrick Tucker, in 1965 and married him 18 months after our golden bedding anniversary, in 2017. We told no one, until two friends arrived thinking that we were going to a pub lunch – on the way we asked them to witness our secret wedding. The whole thing cost £160. Apart from obviously the money, we saved hundreds of people the anguish of worrying over what to give as presents and what to wear. To be recommended.
Christine Ozanne

• In Upper Parliament Street in Liverpool, as a physiotherapy student in 1960, our Friday treat from the Chinese chippy at lunchtime was a chopsuey roll and scallops (Letters, 3 August). It came to 1 shilling and 5 pence (about 7p in today’s currency).
Alison Leighton
Milton Keynes

• I have just received a fourth email from the Royal Mint asking me to “Redeem your ultimate platinum jubilee coin”. Do I deduce from this that the demand has turned out to be less than anticipated?
Tony Meacock

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