England v USA: Loser keeps James Corden and winner renames the game

James Corden is leaving the Late Late Show next year  (PA Archive)
James Corden is leaving the Late Late Show next year (PA Archive)

The stakes have been raised for Friday’s high-pressure England v USA match in FIFA’s 2022 World Cup tournament.

Fans have chosen to take the jabs off the field and have begun betting social stakes for the losers of the game. Many England supporters have joked that whoever loses the match between the two Western powers will have to “keep James Corden”.

This is in the wake of several scandals surrounding the TV host, including being temporarily banned from a famous New York restaurant for being rude to staff and stealing jokes from fellow comics.

So, for the Late Late Show host, who announced his intention to leave his show in April 2023 to move back to the UK, it seems the stakes are highest.

But American fans have not taken this news lying down, with demands to end the long debate of “soccer” versus “football” and globally rename the game should they win.

One fan summed up the winnings up for grabs: “Whoever loses in tonight’s England v. USA game has to keep James Corden. If we (England) lose you can rename the game soccer.”

And the odds are in England’s favour as they only need two more wins of the remaining fixtures to reach the knockout stage, following their 6-2 victory over Iran.

However, the US are still waiting on a Qatar win after their late penalty to 1-1 on Monday (November 21).

Another star up for grabs is rapper 21 savage whose unofficial citizenship fans are putting on this game.

One commenter said: “I just saw somebody say that the winner of the England v USA game gets 21 Savage.”

In 2019, the Atlanta-based artist, whose full name is She’yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, was outed for being British. He was arrested and then released from immigration custody over a visa that expired in 2006 after being found to have remained in America unlawfully.

Now, with an immigration case pending, the public court of opinion (and Friday’s match) may make the decision before the courts.

Will Ferrell has also chimed in on the ribbing, responding to some “fight talk” from keeper Aaron Ramsdale. The Elf star predicted a score of 3 to the US and nil to England.

Speaking to Capital Radio, Ferrell said: “I think it’s going to be a slaughter.”

“They’re not going to sleep at night…because they’re insomniacs,” he joked.

Here’s to success – for more than just our honour.