England vs Australia, third Ashes Test, day two: live score and latest updates at Headingley

Rob Bagchi
England are in a hole of their own making at Headingley and their chances of regaining the Ashes hang by the slenderest of threads - Action Images via Reuters


CLOSE: AUS 171/6 ( lead by 283)

After a woeful batting display, a reckoning after a couple of years of collapses, exposed techniques and rash shots, England bowled well to restrict Australia to 171 for six but the Ashes are all but gone. Ben Stokes bent his back for the cause in a magnificent spell of 15.2-4-33-2 all bowled off the reel but Joe Root spilling a simple slip catch when Labuschagne was on 14, killed off England's extremely remote chance of knocking Australia over cheaply enough to make a successful chase conceivable. 


OVER 57: AUS 171/6 (Labuschagne 53* Pattinson 2*)

Stokes has a leg slip in for Labuschagne and will target him with inswingers. He bluffs at first with full outswingers and when he does veer one into the stumps its too short and he pops it off his hip for a single. Pattinson defends the last two and that is that. Australia lead by 283 with 4 wickets remaining. 


OVER 56: AUS 170/6 (Labuschagne 52* Pattinson 2*)

Fifty for Labuschagne with a short-arm pull for two off Broad followed by a tuck off his hip for a single. Pattinson squeezes a drive for two through point and defends the last. England are desperate to fit in one last over before 7pm and sprint into position. And there will be time. 


OVER 55: AUS 165/6 (Labuschagne 49* Pattinson 0*)

The ball is swinging. Roy has been working on it diligently as shiner in chief and it has taken on a deep claret colour. Stokes comes back round the wicket to Pattinson and nibbles one away from the left-hander's outside edge. This has been a heroic effort from the vice-captain. 


OVER 54: AUS 163/6 (Labuschagne 48* Pattinson 0*)         

Tim Paine is not the first Australian in this Test to doubt the efficacy of UltraEdge, adamant that he didn't hit it. The lbw was going over the stumps. Australia lead by 276. 



Paine c Denly b Broad 0They appealed for leg-before but his inside-edge on to the pad ruled it out ... but Denly caught it at gully anyways as it spooned up off the pad. FOW 164/6

Credit: Sky Sports



AUS review

Paine lbw b Broad


OVER 53: AUS 163/5 (Labuschagne 47* Paine 0*)        

Labuschagne sadistically gives Archer a long chase at midwicket and he stalks after it very gingerly. They run three. The yorker to Wade is only just dug out on off-stup and Wade then edges through the gap between third slip and gully for four. 'F------ hell, this game,' Stokes shouts. Next ball, he gets his just deserts. Stokes sits on the floor when the umpire's finger goes up. All but spent for the cause.  



 Wade c Bairstow b Stokes 33  My he deserved that. What a mensch. What a spell. The bouncer clocks Wade on the glove as he tried to evade it. FOW 163/5



OVER 52: AUS 156/4 (Labuschagne 44* Wade 29*)       

Labuschagne pushes defensively through mid-off for a single off Broad and that's the only damage to the scoreboard. England have dried up the runs which is one (spit in the ocean) consolation ... 


OVER 51: AUS 155/4 (Labuschagne 43* Wade 29*)      

Ben Stokes continues but comes round the wicket, bowls a glorious inswinger that Labuschagne nicks very low. Bairstow dives to his right and can't hold on. The ball hit the strap between the thumb and forefinger but didn't stick. Root's drop was a dolly, a cuckoo. Bairstow's was a very difficult chance. Stokes, understandably, yells an expletive. Archer is back on the field. Back-to-back Tests and back-to-back bowling days.  


OVER 50: AUS 154/4 (Labuschagne 42* Wade 29*)     

Broad returns and racks up five dot ball as he moves through the gaps before Labuschagne plays his Smithesque release shot, whipping a single through midwicket. 



OVER 49: AUS 153/4 (Labuschagne 41* Wade 29*)     

Wade pulls Stokes, into his 12th over, for two and flicks four off his pads. Woakes dived to try to pull it back and somehow knocked it over the rope. 

Update from the England dressing room: Archer is suffering from cramp in his left thigh. 


OVER 48: AUS 147/4 (Labuschagne 41* Wade 23*)    

Labuschagne on the pull is struck on the hip. England appeal for caught behind, hoping he flicked it as he helicoptered his bat but there's no evidence and England do not review. Attempting a yorker, Woakes serves up a full toss that Labuschagne devours, chastising it through point for four with a violent slap.  Roy is attempting to wind  Roy up or vice versa. With his Test record he'd be better off winding his neck in. Australia lead is 259. 


OVER 47: AUS 143/4 (Labuschagne 37* Wade 23*)

Stokes is cooked but still manages to get it up to 87mph when he thuds one onto Wade's thigh. He has bent his back for the team but needs a breather.  Only a no-ball to add to the score. 


OVER 46: AUS 142/4 (Labuschagne 37* Wade 23*)          

A single apiece whipped off the pads as Woakes strains for poles. 


OVER 45: AUS 140/4 (Labuschagne 36* Wade 22*)         

Root reviews a caught behind that wasn't given. Labuschagne withdrew the bat and it may touched it but Stokes had overstepped. It never rains ...

Credit: Sky Sports

 Wade has a waft at the final ball outside off-stump and hits only air. AUS lead by 252.


OVER 44: AUS 138/4 (Labuschagne 35* Wade 22*)        

Woakes jags one in and it clips the top of Labuschagne's pad when he was playing no stroke but it was too high. He then pins the right-hander on the left thigh as he walked across his stumps. Woakes dropped to his knees to beseech the umpire but to no avail. Root resists the temptation to review. Wisely as it was missing leg-stump.

Credit: Sky Sports



OVER 43: AUS 135/4 (Labuschagne 33* Wade 22*)       

And time after drinks for a burst from Jofra Archer - who pulls up with cramp in his left thigh after four balls and has to go off, walking as if on stilts. He is beaming so one would hope he is OK. Stokes finishes his over for him.



OVER 42: AUS 133/4 (Labuschagne 32* Wade 22*)      

Wayward start from Woakes who is clattered through the covers by Labuschagne for four when he arcs one that starts too wide outside off-stump. The bowler's inswinger hoops even more and Bairstow males an impressive dive to stop a wide becoming five. Time for drinks


OVER 41: AUS 128/4 (Labuschagne 27* Wade 22*)     

Stokes sustains his pace through an eighth successive over and he raps Labuschagne on the pad but only with a ball that was sliding past leg-stump. They run a leg-bye. Earlier the right-handed Labuschagne connected with a similar ball and tickled it for two. Leach has been leaking runs at more than four an over and Woakes is coming on to try to stem the tide from the Kirkstall Lane End. 


OVER 40: AUS 124/4 (Labuschagne 25* Wade 22*)    

Leach drags one down and Wade gives it the kitchen sink, pulling it for four. He reads that Leach will go full next and he uses his feet to come down and chip it over midwicket for four more. Wade has the ideal attitude for a No6 whose team has a lead. He is taking the attack to England, running two sharp singles for him and his partner to Root at mid-off. Ten off the over. Root ought to have an over or two himself and use the rough to take it away from the left-handed Wade. 



OVER 39: AUS 114/4 (Labuschagne 24* Wade 13*)   

England think they've strangled Labuschagne, Chris Gaffaney agrees, but Labuschagne immediately sends it upstairs and it reveals a clear error. There was a noise as the ball kissed his rump on the way through. AUS lead by 226. 


AUS review

Labuschagne c Bairstow b Stokes NOT out. It hit his trousers. 

Credit: Sky Sports



OVER 38: AUS 114/4 (Labuschagne 24* Wade 13*)  

Being Ben Stokes must be exhausting. He's standing at first slip when he sees Labuschagne go down for a premeditated sweep and sprints over to leg slip to try to grab it but it looped over him. He has just bowled six overs at full pelt. They run a single and then Wade sweeps for two. Sweeping is the easiest way to drive a spinner to distraction. Leach then pins him and the decision was close but could have gone either way. 



Umpire's call.

Credit: Sky Sports



ENG review            

Wade lbw b Leach 



OVER 37: AUS 111/4 (Labuschagne 23* Wade 11*)                    

Stokes is pounding in and banging the ball in. Wade sways out of the road of one, unwisely turns his head on another and is almost sconned then gets up on his toes to defend another in front of his chest.. Maiden. 

Stokes yorks Head Credit: Ryan Pierse/Getty Images



OVER 36: AUS 111/4 (Labuschagne 23* Wade 11*)                    

Two singles off Leach. A giant inflatable watermelon comes on the pitch from the Western Terrace and a steward retrievs it to take it into custody. Archer runs over to the gilet vert, asks for it and punches it back into the crowd. Cries of 'Arise, Sir Jofra' resound around Leeds.  


OVER 35: AUS 109/4 (Labuschagne 22* Wade 10*)                   

Stokes lands his yorker again but Wade, who has  come out with positive intent, whisks it through midwicket for four. Would have been out had he missed but he seems keen to crack on. It is day two after all ... 

Having been a paying punter for some days at the Tests this summer, you can't see the names from the stands and I would say shirt numbers only work if they reflect the batting order. If you need the key and have to look the number up in the programme it's hardly worth the point. 


OVER 34: AUS 104/4 (Labuschagne 21* Wade 6*)                  

Lax fielding from Denly on the boundary lets Wade's sweep through for four and the batsman,  recognising the productivity of that stroke and all its variations, uses it again to lap two down to fine leg. 


OVER 33: AUS 97/4 (Labuschagne 20* Wade 0*)                 

Having dismissed soonee left-hander, enter another. Was there something in the Australian water in the early Eighties? How many of the devil's disciples are there Down Under? Stokes zips three across Wade who plays an misses at one of them, leaves the other then goes for the yorker again, that Head jabs out. AUS lead by 210.




Head b Stokes 25 He has deserved that. England's pre-Jofra enforcer, who has bowled with great pace and control, spears in a yorker and Head cannot chisel it out before it scuds into off-stump. FOW 97/4


OVER 32: AUS 97/3 (Labuschagne 20* Head 25*)                

Head continues to drive out of the rough, French cutting one off the inside edge before deciding to use his feet and take the rough out of it. Labuschagne, without the minefield under his nose, also uses his feet to torpedo a drive down the ground for four. 


OVER 31: AUS 92/3 (Labuschagne 16* Head 24*)                

Another terrific over from Stokes, quick and menacing throughout. His face is crimson with effort as he tries his level best to haul England back into this. Labuschagne clatters a drive through cover for two but is then beaten by the inswinger that zips past his leave and the stumps. As the ball passed him he shouted 'Oh no!' but he was safe. 


OVER 30: AUS 89/3 (Labuschagne 14* Head 23*)               

Leach beats Head with one that rags in off the rough as he tried to cut but evades the stumps. They take a single with a punch through point then Leach hits Labuschagne on pad before bat as he props forward. They consider a review but are unsure it hit pad first and run out of time. Would have been not out on umpire's call. 


OVER 29: AUS 88/3 (Labuschagne 14* Head 22*)              

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! Labuschagne edges a Stokes nip-backer to Root at first slip and the England captain treats it like a bar of wet soap, squeezing it out of his hands and popping it up then parrying it on to the floor as he tried to snatch at it. Stokes turns away and screams inside. The first ball of the over was a brute that whistled over the stumps. Australia lead by 200. 



OVER 28: AUS 87/3 (Labuschagne 14* Head 21*)              

Labuschagne uses his feet to come down and drive to the cover sweeper, Head works one off his pads. 


OVER 27: AUS 85/3 (Labuschagne 13* Head 20*)             

Good start from Stokes who surprises Head with a sharp bouncer. He shapes to pull and the ball hammers into the splice. I bet that sent a shooting pain up to his elbow. He crashes the next ball into his pads and the third nips back into him and thumps into his midriff. This is Stokes fourth Headingley Test and he has taken only five wickets there at 58. But an encouraging start, fast and accurate. 


OVER 26: AUS 85/3 (Labuschagne 13* Head 20*)             

Jack Leach, 'Leachos' as Bairstow calls him, resumes and decides to drive out of the rough, misjudges the turn and snicks it into his pad. He adjusts to a back-foot approach and squirts the ball off the bottom edge through point for three. Stokes is going to come up the hill for his first spell of the innings. 


TEA: AUS 82/3

Australia lead by 194 runs with seven wickets remaining. England have bowled well but the damage has been done by woeful batting against a skilful and shrewd Australia attack. Barring a miracle of 1981 proportions, their hopes of regaining the Ashes are done. 


OVER 25: AUS 82/3 (Labuschagne 13* Head 17*)            

Archer changes ends to his preferred Football Stand End. He's running up that hill. Say, if only he could ... He elicits the nick from Head with one that cuts away from the left-hander but his forward defensive flies wide of Stokes' diving grasp at third slip. They run a single and Labuschagne plays a succession of wise leaves to end the session. 


OVER 24: AUS 81/3 (Labuschagne 13* Head 16*)           

Too straight from Leach who is worked off the pads round the corner by both batsmen for a a pair of singles apiece. 


OVER 23: AUS 77/3 (Labuschagne 11* Head 14*)          

Head is tested on the drive again by Broad and the batsman is up to it, opening the face and filleting it past cover point for four. These two, once set, look class acts. Leach is coming back on for Archer. 


OVER 22: AUS 73/3 (Labuschagne 11* Head 10*)         

Archer adjusts his line from nose to sternum and Labuschagne is hurried into a fend that falls short of Buttler at bat-pad. Two no-balls in the over and a boundary when the right-hander flicks a rib-tickler fine for four. 


OVER 21: AUS 67/3 (Labuschagne 7* Head 10*)         

Broad comes round the wicket to Head who uses the bounce to tuck a single into the on-side. Labuschagne meets a good length ball with the full face, pushing a single wide of mid-off's left hand. Head ends the over with a gimme from Broad who overpitches and the left-handder rinses a drive through extra-cover for four.

There are drives and then there are drives. 


OVER 20: AUS 61/3 (Labuschagne 6* Head 5*)        

Root signals some chin music for Labuschagne by putting three back on the hook, a short leg and a fly slip. Archer gives him a Paddington Bear stare after he sways inside the line of the third on the trot. 


OVER 19: AUS 60/3 (Labuschagne 6* Head 4*)       

Broad replaces Woakes and he entices the the Big Labushki on to the front foot to defend one that zips past the edge. Had it nibbled in a couple of centimetres it would have kissed the edge but it didn't. Broad hoops an outswinger miles, bowling it with a round-arm whip that started on fifth-stump and kept going after it pitched. Rightly, it was called wide. Labuschagne proves his discretion for the third innings running with some excellent leaves. 


OVER 18: AUS 59/3 (Labuschagne 6* Head 4*)       

Oh great.  The trumpeter is here and serenading Archer with Sussex by the Sea. Archer cranks up the pace as the over proceeds but he looks exhausted. One more over in this burst perhaps and I expect he'll put Stokes on. I'd rather he gave Leach a bowl at the left-hander Head first. Some rough under his nose and he was turning it square earlier. 

Travis Head came in on a pair ... Credit: Alex Davidson/Getty Images



OVER 17: AUS 58/3 (Labuschagne 5* Head 4*)      

Head makes a racket repeatedly marking his guard, scraping away with his studs like a horse that wants a sugar lump. Woakes tempts him outside off and he drives, stubbing it on the toe of the bat and the ball trickles up to mid-off. No run. The last ball of the over is on off-stump and Head creams the on-drive - stick your cover drive, the on-drive is batting's most comely stroke - for four. 


OVER 16: AUS 53/3 (Labuschagne 4* Head 0*)     

Archer appeals when he slants one across Labuschagne and pins him on the pad. The batsman had walked a long way across like Smith, but it was heading down. They run a leg-bye. Archer can'#t believe it wasn't out and gives the umpire a quizzical look. He's at Joel Wilson's end so you never know, he might change his mind. But he doesn't review and it was sliding miles down. 


OVER 15: AUS 52/3 (Labuschagne 4* Head 0*)    

119 for 13 today after Khawaja's wicket. Head enters on a pair. England have bowled superbly to the left-handers at Lord's and here. Head defends the last four deliveries from Woakes. Wicket maiden. Australia lead by 164. Archer is coming back on. England know the next hour could retrieve a scintilla of hope. 




Khawaja c Roy b Woakes 23 Khawaja in England in a nutshell. Looks a million bucks then gets himself out with his dodgy judgment outside off-stump. Woakes has been bowling fuller and fuller, Khawaja foolishly drives at a wider one, as foolish a stroke as Roy or Denly earlier, and nicks off to second slip. FOW 52/3


OVER 14: AUS 52/2 (Khawaja23* Labuschagne 4*)   

Sorry, the captaincy musings were cut off by Leach bowling Harris. I'm not advocating Broad as captain, just noting how few candidates there are. I'd like a bowler to have a go for a while. Khawaja drives Leach through the covers for four. Lovely stroke. 


OVER 13: AUS 47/2 (Khawaja 18* Labuschagne 4*)  

Woakes, who was rubbish (or 'rooobish' as my esteemed colleague Geoffrey Boycott would put it) in his first spell yesterday has been very good so far today, nibbling the ball both ways. Khawaja props forward and edges low through the slips, false shot, for four. Woakes nips one back at the left-hander and almost cuts him in half in a very delicate place, whistling past the inside edge. Khawaja whisks three off his legs and Woakes may conclude there ain't no justice. 


OVER 12: AUS 40/2 (Khawaja 11* Labuschagne 4*)  

Enter Marnus Labuschagne, a right-hander amid Australia's sinister parade. Very loose shot from Harris, who seems to have been infected by the English disease but was well-bowled, dipping and ragging. Labuschagne gets off the mark with a lovely in-to-out drive through cover for four.  Nice flight from Leach and Labuschagne defends. It's turning sharply on this very dry pitch. 




Harris b Leach 19Gets him with his first ball of the match, spitting out of the rough and through his gate. Blimey! Didn't see that one coming. FOW 36/2


OVER 11: AUS 36/1 (Harris 19* Khawaja 11*) 

Hello darkness, my old friend. Rob Bagchi here, taking over from Giles. What can I add to the frustration and anger below the line. Nothing fresh, anyway. Will Joe Root resign if the Ashes cannot be regained at the end of this Test? Will he be sacked? Would it be Ed Smith's decision or Ashley Giles's? I don't think he'll resign, though I think it's his best chance of re-establishing himself as a world-class Test batsman. Who should be captain if he does go, bearing in mind that Morgan has not played red-ball cricket for years and is actually not fit enough, following his back spasm, to do it anyway?

Stokes? Too heavy a workload already. Buttler? Worth his place in the team long-term? Broad? 


OVER 10: AUS 35/1 (Harris 18* Khawaja 11*)

Broad fires down a wide tempter for Harris, who goes after it but is able to get the ball over the infield and it makes its merry way to the boundary for four. And Australia's total makes its merry way further from England's.


OVER 9: AUS 30/1 (Harris 13* Khawaja 11*)

Woakes to Khawaja... four! It was a short delivery, Khawaja took it on and the ball sailed in the air fine of the man on the rope. Woakes is bowling too short, he needs to pitch it up.


OVER 8: AUS 26/1 (Harris 13* Khawaja 7*)

Loud appeals by England as Broad hits Harris on the pads. The umpire shakes his head. England review. No bat involved according to snicko... but the ball is missing the wickets. Maiden over.


OVER 7: AUS 26/1 (Harris 13* Khawaja 7*)

A change of bowler already by England as Woakes comes on. His line and length is on point, unlike the first innings, but he is still chucking down the odd wide one and with his lack of pace that is a gimmee for the Aussie batsmen.


OVER 6: AUS 22/1 (Harris 10* Khawaja 6*)

Khawaja is such a graceful batsman when he drives the ball and one such shot off a Broad half-volley rockets to the rope. He waited for the ball to come to him and the rest was pure timing.

Harris, meanwhile, is already a rare beast today... a batsman in double figures.


OVER 5: AUS 17/1 (Harris 10* Khawaja 1*)

Archer to Khawaja and it's a fierce bumper, 88mph, that the batsman ducks underneath. The ball explodes off the pitch on its way through to Bairstow... who has to stretch the sinews to reach it. Archer is certainly firing down effort balls now.


OVER 4: AUS 16/1 (Harris 10* Khawaja 1*)

Shake of the head by Broad as Harris drives straight to Leach and the ball goes through him and runs away for four. England can't afford silly mistakes like that.

Just to highlight quite how bad England's innings was, look at this...


OVER 3: AUS 11/1 (Harris 6* Khawaja 0*)

Michael Vaughan has given the Ashes to Australia already after that collapse. Did he tweet too soon?

The England fans are chanting, "Suuuuuper, super Jof; Suuuuuper, super Jof; Suuuuuuper, super Jof; Super Jofra Archer", as he charges in. His pace is up, hitting 90mph and almost finds the edge of Harris' bat.


OVER 2: AUS 10/1 (Harris 6* Khawaja 0*)

Broad to Warner - four leg byes. Broad to Warner - wicket! Is this the start of the fightback? The Headingley crowd are bellowing. Today is turning into a wicket-fest.


WICKET! Warner lbw Broad for 0

Warner is trapped in front. He reviews immediately, but replays show the ball is hitting the wickets and Warner has to go for a second-ball duck. FOW 10/1


OVER 1: AUS 6/0 (Harris 6* Warner 0*)

Archer has the ball as England look to hit back - he's on a hat-trick from the first innings. And Harris almost gifts him it, swatting at a wide one and almost edging behind.

Archer then throws him down a rank half-volley that he is able to drive for four through point.



Just before he was bowled Leach was dropped. Hazlewood fired in a bouncer at armpit height, Leach couldn't control the ball, Wade was positioned at short leg but, diving backwards, dropped the ball. He made the ground and caught it, but when his hands hit the ground, the ball fell out.

Didn't matter, though, did it?! He then exposed his stumps and got skittled.

Hazlewood finishes with figures of 5-30 and England trail by 112. Oh, and that score of 67 is their lowest against Australia since 1948!


WICKET! Leach b Hazlewood for 1

Leach walks too far back and across, exposes his leg stump and is clean bowled. FOW 67 all out


OVER 27: ENG 67/9 (Leach 1* Broad 4*)

The over started so well for England. There were enormous cheers as Archer set himself up and then pulverised Cummins through midwicket for a boundary. Another pull shot was then top-edged but he got enough on it to clear the inner field and it landed safely for two.

But then came that bouncer, and that bat left dangling in the air.


WICKET! Archer ct Paine b Cummins for 7

Archer ducks a bouncer but leaves his bat in the air and is periscoped. FOW 66/9


OVER 26: ENG 60/8 (Archer 1* Broad 4*)

First ball of Cummins' over: wicket! First ball of Hazlewood's over: wicket! England are having a total nightmare.

That last wicket of Buttler was a result of clever pre-planning by Australia, placing  Khawaja at extra cover.

In comes Broad, who can expect plenty of short stuff. And he manages to steer one fine for four to get off the mark.


WICKET! Buttler ct Khawaja b Hazlewood for 5

First ball of the over, Buttler drives straight to extra cover. FOW 56/8


OVER 25: ENG 56/7 (Archer 1* Buttler 5*)

What a dreadful start for England, first ball of the session and a wicket falls, Woakes back in the hutch.

Can Archer prove to be a hero with bat and ball?

He picks up a single after ducking a few bouncers.


WICKET! Woakes ct Paine b Cummins for 5

The first ball of the afternoon session climbs on Woakes, flicks the glove and strangles him down the leg side. The umpires check for a no-ball, and it is sooooo close, his heel just, just, just behind. FOW 54/7


Hameed to leave Lancashire

Remember Haseeb Hameed, the young batsman English cricket was, at one stage, pinning so much hope on?

Well, he's leaving Lancashire at the end of the season after the club decided against offering the 22 year-old batsman a new contract.

The announcement marks a stunning downturn of fortunes for Hameed, who was once dubbed 'Baby Boycott' and exploded on to the international scene as a teenager with a couple of mature innings in testing Indian conditions in 2016.

Haseeb Hameed has not been offered a new contract by Lancashire Credit: pa

Indeed, such was his standing after the tour - where he averaged 43.8 in three Tests - that many concluded England's torturous search for Alastair Cook's long-term opening partner was over.

Hameed became the youngest batsman to register 1,000 runs for Lancashire three years ago. But his batting has deteriorated to the point where he averaged 9.7 in 17 innings in the 2018 County Championship, and though there was been some improvement this season, Lancs have declined to offer him a new deal.


What hope England?

Was that the session that sealed the Ashes for Australia? Remember, the Aussies are already 1-0 up. Win here and they go 2-0 up with two to play and thereby retain the urn.


OVER 24: ENG 54/6 (Woakes 5* Buttler 4*)

Can Buttler and Woakes survive until lunch? Buttler gets a thin edge to slip but it bounces short. 

And that is LUNCH. What a session for Australia.


OVER 23: ENG 53/6 (Woakes 4* Buttler 4*)

Huge ironic cheers from the Headingley crowd as Buttler drives Pattinson for four to bring up England's fifty.

The bowler then gets the ball to cut back in off the seam and Buttler has to wear one in an uncomfortable place - his gut. A nip-backer also darts over Buttler's stumps, missing by a fraction.

And we will be able to squeeze one more over in.


OVER 22: ENG 49/6 (Woakes 4* Buttler 0*)

Hazlewood has been absolutely superb. His pace is up (mid 80s), he's bowling a beautiful line and length and giving nothing away. It's relentless. And England have been found wanting. Can Woakes be the saviour? We know he can bat.

Woakes gets off the mark with a boundary, clipped off his pads through midwicket.


WICKET! Bairstow ct Warner b Hazlewood for 4

Warner again with a catch in the slips and Australia are on fire. England six down and we haven't even reached lunch! 45/6


OVER 21: ENG 45/5 (Bairstow 4* Buttler 0*)

Denly had ridden his luck... a lot... and with Australia probing his off stump it was never going to last, the batsman eventually getting a fat edge to the keeper.

English hopes now rest with Bairstow and Buttler. Wicket maiden.


WICKET! Denly ct Paine b Pattinson for  12

A full-length delivery, a regulation caught behind, and Denly's struggle at the crease is brought to an end. FOW 45/5


OVER 20: ENG 45/4 (Bairstow 4* Denly 12*)

Hazlewood to Denly and he plays and misses again. A single to leg gets him off strike and earns some relief.

What of Bairstow? Hazlewood will be looking to attack that front pad of YJB, who likes to get his front foot forward and play across the line.

An outside edge off Bairstow's bat beats third slip and races away for four. He was fortunate he didn't push hard at that.


OVER 19: ENG 40/4 (Bairstow 0* Denly 11*)

Bairstow is in defensive mode, being very watchful to Pattinson. Maiden over.


OVER 18: ENG 40/4 (Bairstow 0* Denly 11*)

Huge appeals from behind the wicket - mainly the slip corden - as Hazlewood beats Denly's bat (not for the first time) and the ball thuds into Paine's gloves. The umpire shakes his head and Paine himself isn't interested. Close, though, very close.

A repeat dose comes down two balls later, which again Denly plays at and misses. He can only smile, just like Warner did at the start of yesterday's play.


OVER 17: ENG 38/4 (Bairstow 0* Denly 9*)

Pattinson is hurling them down at 85mph and Denly is still struggling to pick the ball off the pitch, the splice of his bat getting a lot of action.

A stray one onto Denly's toes does get the treatment but Pattinson has protection on the boundary and it's just a single.


OVER 16: ENG 36/4 (Bairstow 0* Denly 8*)

So, so, so close! Hazlewood's line and length is immaculate and he beats Denly's bat by a cat's whisker.

The ball is not doing as much as it did yesterday - it almost did too much yesterday - but today it is doing just enough to bamboozle the England batsmen and take the edges. 

And speaking of edges, Denly 'French cuts' again. He is living a charmed life at the moment. How long can it last?


OVER 15: ENG 34/4 (Bairstow 0* Denly 6*)

The England supporters in the crowd can barely believe what they are seeing. Stokes had just hit a well-timed boundary and then decided to flash at a wide ball - it was barely reachable - and gift his wicket.

Huge pressure on Bairstow now.


WICKET! Stokes ct Warner b Hazlewood for 8

Stokes, Stokes, Stokes! What are you doing? A rank wide ball, he goes after it and gets a thick edge to that man Warner again in the slips. England are in real trouble now. 34/4


OVER 14: ENG 30/3 (Stokes 4* Denly 6*)

Hazlewood is getting late movement which is what is flummoxing the England batsmen and Stokes nearly comes a cropper, going down on one leg to drive through cover but getting an inside edge.


OVER 13: ENG 28/3 (Stokes 3* Denly 5*)

Stokes off the mark with a drive to cover for two runs. This is the perfect opportunity for Stokes to prove that he belongs higher up the order. Time to consolidate, to rebuild, and then push on.

He's already picking up the ball better than Denly, pulling Cummins well but the bowler has protection near the boundary.

Denly doesn't know whether to stay back or come forward and almost inside-edges onto his own stumps with a nothing shot. He needs to focus.


OVER 12: ENG 24/3 (Stokes 0* Denly 4*)

With a new batsman in, and Denly still to get off the mark, Aussie captain Paine decides to bring Hazlewood back into the attack.

And he's bowling beauties. Denly just does not know where his first run is going to come from as he play and misses, plays and misses. This is what Australia's batsmen must have felt like facing Jofra Archer.

FOUR! Finally Denly gets off the mark, and he does it with style, punching a full one through the covers. 


OVER 11: ENG 20/3 (Stokes 0* Denly 0*)

England are all over the place. They needed Stokes at Lord's and boy do they need him now.

Burns obviously didn't want to be pinned down by Cummins' bouncers and decided to take the attack to him... but it was a mistake.


WICKET! Burns ct Paine b Cummins for 9

Burns has a flap at a bouncer and gloves it down the leg side. Paine takes a good catch. FOW 20/3


OVER 10: ENG 20/2 (Burns 9* Denly 0*)

Lyon is brought into the attack. The pitch looks dry so this may not be such a bad idea. And immediately he gets one to spit off the turf and climb high. Wicket-keeper Paine likes it a lot!


OVER 9: ENG 17/2 (Burns 7* Denly 0*)

Denly looks like a sitting duck at the moment. Cummins is getting the ball to dart back and Denly is not picking the line. Another loud appeal for lbw (too high), play-and-misses that jag back over the stumps. This is high-class fast bowling.


OVER 8: ENG 17/2 (Burns 7* Denly 0*)

Short leg in for Burns again and Hazlewood is on fire. Muted appeals for an lbw but replays show there was a little knick. Had it not been for the inside edge that would have been plum.


OVER 7: ENG 14/2 (Burns 5* Denly 0*)

Stress-relieving runs for England and Burns as Cummins bowls a little too straight onto the left-hander's pads and he clips the ball away for four through midwicket.

Cummins nearly gets his revenge straight away, though, with two beauties, both missing the outside edge by a fraction.


OVER 6: ENG 10/2 (Burns 1* Denly 0*)

Disastrous start to the over for England as the captains falls for a second-ball duck.

Check out Warner's celebration...

David Warner celebrates towards the crowd after catching Joe Root Credit: SKY SPORTS

And it could have been so much worse as Hazlewood strikes Denly on the pads in front of his wickets and the umpire raises his finger. England review... and replays show the ball to be going over the stumps. Relief for England.


WICKET! Root ct Warner b Hazlewood for 0

Another duck for Root. Hazlewood angles one in to his pads, it straightens off the pitch, hits the edge of the bat and sails to Warner at first slip. Root is in a batting funk. FOW 10/2


OVER 5: ENG 10/1 (Burns 1* Root 0*)

Cummins is bowling in the mid 80s and getting some good lift off the pitch. An 87mph arrow darts into Burns but moves away off the seam. He missed it by a long way but that was unconvincing.


OVER 4: ENG 10/1 (Burns 1* Root 0*)

Such a shame for Roy. He had just played a fantastic shot for four. He stood up to a wide one from Hazlewood and, off his toes, crashed the ball through cover to the rope. Then he gets out to a shot he didn't need to play. No feet movement. Silly.


WICKET! Roy ct Warner b Hazlewood for 9

A ball outside off stump that he didn't need to play, but Roy plays at it nonetheless and edges behind to Warner in the slips. FOW 10/1


OVER 3: ENG 6/0 (Burns 1* Roy 5*)

Cummins has a short leg to Burns and he so nearly comes into play as the ball drops just short. Replays, though, show it came off the batsman's thighpad anyway. Another maiden.


OVER 2: ENG 6/0 (Burns 1* Roy 5*)

Hazlewood, not Pattinson, bowls from the other end and his first ball nips in to Roy, prompting muffled appeals for lbw. But it him high on the back leg and the Aussies decide not to review.

Still, Hazlewood is getting movement off the seam into the batsman. If he gets one to straighten off the same line that could prove Roy's undoing... and it so nearly is as a delivery does straighten and the England opener plays and misses. Very close to the edge.

Maiden over.


OVER 1: ENG 6/0 (Burns 1* Roy 5*)

Ideal batting conditions as Cummins takes the new ball and steams in to Burns, who leaves the first ball well alone as he sizes up the pitch under blue skies at Headingley.

Excellent running puts one run on the England scoreboard, and Burns' total; both batsmen quick off the mark to scamper a single.

Now what about Roy? Can he leave the ball alone too when he has to? He watches the first ball whistle past him to the keeper. Cummins adjusts and bowlers a little straighter next up and a defensive push finds the edge and the ball runs away for four.

Six from the over.


Is there nothing Jofra can't do?

So we know he can bowl very, very fast.

We know he can bat after that ton against Gloucester 2nds.

And now we know he can bowl spin... left-handed!!!!


How worried should England's batsmen be?


The plan for today

As I mentioned earlier, 98 overs will be bowled today (we hope) with these session times:

Morning: 11am to 1pm (BST)

Afternoon: 1.40pm to 4.10pm (BST)

Evening: 4.30pm to 6.30pm (BST)


Latest shots from Headingley

Mark Wood makes an appearance as he recovers from injury Credit: pa
Jack Leach show off his football skills Credit: pa
An Aussie conflab out in the middle between Justin Langer (right), Ricky Ponting (centre) and Glenn McGrath (left) Credit: getty images
Joe Denly gets his eye in Credit: pa


'That was world-class bowling at its best'

Let's hear from David Warner on facing England's bowlers in those seaming conditions:

"That was incredible Test bowling. Joe won the toss and looked upstairs and wanted to bowl and they used that very well. Our top order, we all got good balls. Two strangles, which happens.

"They put the ball in the right areas. As a left-hander, Broad is going to challenge your off stump a lot, try and create that drive and it's the same with Jofra. I had a lot of luck, I played and missed quite a lot.

"It's a bit like how Dale Steyn with the new ball tried to just use the conditions and then sort of ramp it up when they need to. That was world-class bowling at its best."

"(Facing Archer) has its challenges, you look at (Jasprit) Bumrah as well, they are all energy at the crease. Mitchell Johnson was the same, he had a slow run up then thunderbolts.

"These guys, it takes getting used to, it's a rhythm thing."


If not now, when?

England's batsmen have the chance to take control of this Test.

If the home side's top seven can apply themselves correctly today, with conditions considerably more batsman-friendly, Jofra Archer's contribution could go from being a personal milestone to a match-winning turn.

I cannot stress how good conditions look for batting, compared to yesterday. The Yorkshire gods are smiling on Joe Root. He will have woken up this morning, drawn back the curtains and smiled.


What's the weather like in Leeds?

Great news... sunny intervals, a gentle breeze and best of all, no rain.

Weather at Headingley Credit: BBC


Focus turns to England's batsmen after Archer heroics

Good morning! And what a pleasant morning it is. Blue skies in Leeds.

England's top order will come under the microscope today after Jofra Archer stole the headlines on a truncated day one.

The paceman's 6-45 were his best figures in a fledgling international career, with the 24-year-old inducing a collapse that saw Australia tumble from 136 for two to 179 all out.

Only 52.1 overs were possible as the weather wrecked the first half of the day but, with David Warner's dicey 61 and Marnus Labuschagne's battling 74 the only knocks of any note, that was enough for Archer.

The forecast suggests an improvement in the weather today, where 98 overs are scheduled, as England look to move into the ascendancy.

But before we get into the nitty-gritty of today's action, let's have a quick look back at all yesterday's drama...

Is speed the be-all and end-all?

While Archer got nowhere near the 96.1mph he reached at Lord's last week - and external factors such as the conditions may have contributed to this - he compensated by bowling impeccable lines and lengths. A more nuanced approach earned him his first international five-wicket haul and proved he is not a one-trick pony.

Warner finally catches a break

Warner led a charmed life early on, playing and missing at 11 of his first 25 deliveries, while his duel against England seamer Stuart Broad made for compelling viewing. That Warner reached double figures for the first time in five attempts this series - on three occasions he has been dismissed by Broad - seemed more by accident than design as England got the ball to move lavishly. He cashed in on some fortune with important runs in the final session.

Harris endures baptism of fire

Ashes debuts do not get much trickier than Broad and Archer steaming in with the new ball under leaden skies. That was the situation confronting Marcus Harris after he replaced Cameron Bancroft at the top of Australia's order. Harris had to play at the Archer delivery which got him out but, to compound matters, the players were hauled off for rain immediately after his dismissal.

'Marnus is strange, he seems to enjoy getting hit'

Australia captain Tim Paine was referencing Labuschagne being struck on the helmet at Lord's but he received a blow of a different kind to the general sympathy of everyone at the ground. After being caught flush in the box, he was doubled over for a period before resuming a steadfast innings, his resolute 74 ending in bizarre circumstances when he was pinned in front by a Ben Stokes full-toss.

Money ball

Travis Head may reflect that circumspection may have been a more appropriate approach to a Broad delivery that pitched on middle and clipped the top of off-stump. However, the end result probably would have been the same had the Australian attempted to defend rather than drive, with the jaffa a worthy inclusion in Broad's highlight reel.

England get a (slight) taste of their own medicine

Minds were cast back to the World Cup final a little over a month ago when a throw from Joe Denly deflected off Warner's outstretched bat before the ball raced away to the boundary. Warner, like Stokes did against New Zealand at Lord's, raised his arm to apologise to his opponents, almost certainly oblivious to Denly's throw coming in.


The combined figures of Chris Woakes and Stokes in the first 11 overs of the final session, unflattering in the extreme when viewed in the context of Australia's final total. The pair's profligacy forced Joe Root to turn back to Archer and Broad, though Woakes and Stokes each claimed a wicket when they were brought back into the attack.

PA Staff