England's refusal to go for glory against New Zealand leaves Lord's fans short-changed

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England vs New Zealand, first Test, day five: live score and latest updates - Michael Steele /GETTY IMAGES 
England vs New Zealand, first Test, day five: live score and latest updates - Michael Steele /GETTY IMAGES
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Joe Root said he wanted to win all seven Tests this summer but it did not look like that as England turned their noses up at the carrot left dangling in the air by New Zealand.

This was not the heart-stopping finale we are used to from these two teams on sun-dappled Sunday evenings at Lord’s. Instead England’s top order showed no intent in chasing 273 off 75 overs and let the game drift to a stalemate even though it has no consequence beyond this series because it is not part of the World Test Championship.

This was a chance, albeit a slim one after losing a day to rain, to win a Test match against one of the two best teams in the world.

Instead England were more worried about the effect of losing on morale than exploring what was possible and crawled to 170-3 off 70 overs, never once looking like a team who wanted to win or entertain fans deprived of watching cricket for a year.

There were a few boos as the teams shook hands at the end, but this was less about England’s lack of ambition and more about where they are at the moment as a team - which is miles behind a side like New Zealand.

It also does not give much hope for defeating Australia this winter, a challenge that will require boldness and imagination. Root was right to point to mitigating circumstances and England can still win this series with the next match at one of their favourite venues in Edgbaston.

This was also a sporting pitch, the run rate was slow throughout and New Zealand have a strong attack. Kyle Jamieson bowled five maidens in a row, and Wagner at one stage bowled 11 overs for 11 runs. Some balls reared off a length outside the left-hander’s off stump from the Nursery End and there was swing in the air too.

England also lacked the players to have a proper go with only Root averaging more than 34, and Kane Williamson knew that which is why he gave them a sniff. He ended up controlling the game, setting a marker for the second Test next week.

England’s openers can only bat in one gear - first. Dom Sibley just does not have the shots at Test level to play any other way than grind out runs like he did here with 60 off 207 balls. There are times when England welcome Sibley’s obdurate batting, and credit to him for gutsing out a fifty after spending 19 balls on a pair.

He needed someone to bat around him but Rory Burns is not much more expansive - don’t forget he only scored 13 in the first session on Saturday on his way to a hundred and nobody took up the challenge. Burns also had real trouble when Tim Southee switched ends and started moving the ball into him and exploiting that uneven patch on a good length.

Once the openers batted for an hour, England’s chance had gone. They were 56 for one off 30 overs, which included ten extras, and seemed happy to just bat time in the middle.

Zak Crawley played another poor shot when he chased Southee and edged to gully but at least he had a go. Did it do him any good? Probably not. It puts him under pressure for his place next week.

Zak Crawley played another poor shot - AP
Zak Crawley played another poor shot - AP

Without Jos Buttler and Ben Stokes England lacked any experienced match-winners and you have to go back to the series against New Zealand in 1999 for a batting line-up as weak as this one.

The lower order would have been exposed if a flurry of wickets had fallen going for boundaries early on. Without Chris Woakes or Sam Curran, England would have been relying on debutant Ollie Robinson to provide some sustenance at No 8 in the case of a collapse. Mark Wood at No 9 is not a batting line-up capable of holding on against an attack as good as New Zealand’s.

But to not show any positivity at the start, and at least give it a go until a couple of wickets fell, was an opportunity missed and Australians will be smiling at English conservatism again.

That New Zealand made a game of it proved they are here to do more than warm up for the Test Championship final. They could have taken the chance of time at the crease and resting their bowlers with such a short turnaround before the next Test but they decided to have a dabble at England.

There is nothing to dislike about their team. They are fine ambassadors for the sport but also a highly skilled Test side, stronger in all departments than England with more experience in their batting and sharper edge to their attack.

They were positive from the start, looking for boundaries and running hard to put pressure on England. It sent a message: this is how the best play the game. They wanted to end this Test on top, even though the weather had pretty much rendered a result nigh on impossible.

Broad was down on his luck when Crawley dropped Tom Latham at midwicket and let out a visible sigh of relief when a full inswinger took the fielders out of the equation and pinned Latham leg before for his first wicket since January and the first Test in Galle.

Ross Taylor fell to a thick edge behind for 33 off 35 balls and Henry Nicholls top-edged a reverse sweep off Root. New Zealand declared when rain brought an early lunch and expectation of a thrilling afternoon grew over the interval.

It did not last long. Burns was hit on the hand by Southee, to go with two blows on the head on Saturday, and was beaten by some high quality swing bowling from Wagner, edging low to second slip.

Crawley resisted for 23 balls until he could not wait any longer and played a hard drive. Sibley reached his fifty and Root played some nice shots but an unmemorable game spoiled by the rain fizzled out.

06:05 PM

OVER 70: ENG 170/3 (Sibley 60* Pope 20*) target 273

Santner again. Pope gets a pair. And mercifully Williamson has decided he's had enough. So it's a draw at Lord's

06:01 PM

OVER 69: ENG 168/3 (Sibley 60* Pope 18*) target 273

Jamieson ambles up. A lovely evening drifts away. New Zealand haven't even looked like taking a wicket in the last hour, but Williamson is determined to give the four people left in the crowd their money's worth...

05:56 PM

OVER 68: ENG 166/3 (Sibley 60* Pope 17*) target 273

Santner bowls out a maiden. Seven overs left, Lord's is all but empty...

05:54 PM

OVER 67: ENG 166/3 (Sibley 60* Pope 17*) target 273

Jamieson continues. Sibley gets a single, then Pope squirts it down to third man for four.

05:48 PM

OVER 66: ENG 160/3 (Sibley 59* Pope 13*) target 273

Santner back in the attack. Are we really heading for a full 10 overs?? Pope gets a single

05:45 PM

OVER 65: ENG 159/3 (Sibley 59* Pope 12*) target 273

Williamson just won't give this up, on comes Jamieson from the Pavilion End. He trudges in with tired bouncer after tired bouncer. The lights are on...

05:40 PM

OVER 64: ENG 158/3 (Sibley 59* Pope 12*) target 273

Lovely cover drive from Pope, four runs. A rare bad ball from Wagner. Sibley gets in on the act, swatting a pair away down to square leg.

05:36 PM

OVER 63: ENG 150/3 (Sibley 56* Pope 7*) target 273

Southee carries on, slightly surprised Williamson is running him into the ground. Even the Sky Sports commentators have lost interest, they've spent the last two overs discussing Shawshank Redemption.

150 up.

05:30 PM

OVER 62: ENG 149/3 (Sibley 56* Pope 6*) target 273

Still we play, Neil Wagner looks the only one happy to do so. He comes steaming in to bowl and Sibley flicks him away for two. He responds with three bouncers to back Sibley off.

It's Williamson who wants to keep going here, the England batsmen have no interest in anything other than surviving, as they have for the entire afternoon.

05:26 PM

OVER 61: ENG 147/3 (Sibley 54* Pope 6*) target 273

Right, on we trudge, into the last hour (potentially)...

Southee bounces one over Sibley's head. England are 127 shy of victory, New Zealand are 7 wickets. Neither look likely to make it, but so be it.

05:20 PM

OVER 60: ENG 146/3 (Sibley 53* Pope 6*) target 273

The energizer bunny Neil Wagner keeps charging in and he's nearly rewarded as Pope edges one that falls just shy of Southee at second slip. His figures today have been outstanding 2-17 off 14 overs.

Drinks are being wheeled out, someone clearly feels the need to drag this on further. Not sure who or why...

05:15 PM

OVER 59: ENG 143/3 (Sibley 51* Pope 4*) target 273

Southee stays in the attack and gives up a quick single to Pope to get things moving. Sibley in turn picks up a single as we enter what could be the final over of the day.

05:09 PM

OVER 58: ENG 141/3 (Sibley 50* Pope 4*) target 273

Wagner keeps steaming in, picking a nice line to Sibley. He gets another maiden for his efforts.

05:05 PM

OVER 57: ENG 141/3 (Sibley 50* Pope 4*) target 273

50 up for Dom Sibley! He needed that, his fifth test match half century. He was under pressure coming out after a poor show in the first innings but he blunted any attempts from New Zealand for a win after lunch. Decent, if ponderous, knock.

Pope then leathers one from Southee with a flick off his pads to get a four to get started.

05:01 PM

OVER 56: ENG 136/3 (Sibley 49* Pope 0*) target 273

Before he was dismissed, there was some lovely play off his pads from Root. As they ran, he crashed into Sibley, and the skipper took a tumble. They still squeezed out two, his final runs of the innings as it transpired.

Ollie Pope comes out to see the last few overs off.

04:58 PM

WICKET!! Root LBW Wagner 40

Wagner traps Root trying to play across the line and he's given out LBW, but he goes straight for the review. Might as well. However, he was plumb, and he falls short of a half century. Commentators curse there.

Wagner is chuffed, he doesn't see this as an exhibition affair!

04:53 PM

OVER 55: ENG 133/2 (Sibley 49* Root 38*) target 273

Santner's back on to bowl after taking a few overs off for a bit of treatment. He promptly chucks up a pie that Root sweeps away for four. Twice. You can see why Williamson is reluctant to bowl him when things are competitive, he just doesn't have the consistency.

Williamson eventually moves a fielder down to deep midwicket, so when Root goes for the third sweep off as many pies, he at least doesn't find the boundary. With five overs left, the England skipper might fancy a half century.

04:48 PM

OVER 54: ENG 124/2 (Sibley 49* Root 29*) target 273

Wagner is on for the crocked Santner and he very nearly gets Sibley a couple of times as he is on the verge of a half century.

Good over from the seamer, he bowls a maiden to keep Sibley stuck on 49, though he gave up a couple of wides.

04:42 PM

OVER 53: ENG 122/2 (Sibley 49* Root 29*) target 273

A reminder - if this match looks like it's heading for a draw, then as we enter the last hour, or final 15 overs, whichever is later, then both captains can agree to call it quits and share the spoils. We're 8 overs, or 20 minutes, away from that point.

Williamson continues and England pick up a few singles off him.

04:38 PM

OVER 52: ENG 118/2 (Sibley 47* Root 27*) target 273

Despite the bleeding finger, Santner will grit it out and keep bowling. He wants to take this chance to get some overs in as Williamson is often reluctant to bowl him.

However, Root is pushing him around here, taking nine off the first four deliveries including sweeping a full toss away to the boundary.

04:35 PM

OVER 51: ENG 109/2 (Sibley 47* Root 18*) target 273

Williamson brings himself on for an over or two. Makes sense to protect his pacemen with that world test final coming up against India in Southampton.

Sibley sweeps him away to fine leg, but Wagner goes tearing after it to prevent a boundary. Despite this turning into an exhibition, he's still got the right attitude. These two have now put on a 53-run partnership.

04:31 PM

OVER 50: ENG 103/2 (Sibley 44* Root 15*) target 273

Santner tightens up his line to get himself a maiden. he's been a smidge expensive, although the pitch hasn't helped the spinner. He's split his index finger on his bowling hand and is wiping blood off on his trousers. He might have to stop, he won't be able to control the ball.

04:28 PM

OVER 49: ENG 103/2 (Sibley 44* Root 15*) target 273

Jamieson continues, relinquishing a single to Sibley first ball. Root then works him down to third man for four, delicate shot that brings England up to 100.

04:25 PM

OVER 48: ENG 97/2 (Sibley 43* Root 10*) target 273

A pair for Sibley down to backwards square leg before a couple of byes.

04:19 PM

OVER 47: ENG 92/2 (Sibley 40* Root 10*) target 273

Jamieson back into the attack for de Grandhomme as the Kiwi attack get their practice overs in. Root gets one off to the boundary down to fine leg, the run rate is picking up slightly as England have seen off the potentially perilous first 15 over since tea.

He then gets a pair through the covers to take him to double figures.

04:14 PM

OVER 46: ENG 86/2 (Sibley 40* Root 4*) target 273

Sibley smacks an on-drive down the the rope for four, our first boundary since tea! He then finds a pair to midwicket. In the context of England's second innings, this over has produced a plethora of runs.

Slowly but surely, the opener is inching towards 50.

04:08 PM

OVER 45: ENG 80/2 (Sibley 34* Root 4*) target 273

Sibley gets two down the backwards square leg, he's played that shot regularly with positive results.

That takes us to a drinks break.

04:04 PM

OVER 44: ENG 77/2 (Sibley 31* Root 4*) target 273

Root goes to sweep Santner down to fine leg but the ball stops agonisingly short of the boundary. Given as three leg byes.

Sibley then takes a single.

04:01 PM

OVER 43: ENG 73/2 (Sibley 30* Root 4*) target 273

Sibley squirrels one away through backwards point for a pair, before flicking one off his pads to midwicket, same result.

De Grandhomme is still generating some swing despite a rapidly ageing ball.

03:57 PM

OVER 42: ENG 69/2 (Sibley 26* Root 4*) target 273

Mitchell Santner into the attack for a bit of spin, he comes round the wicket to Root. The third delivery catches a nit of rough and it flies over Watling's hands for two byes.

03:53 PM

OVER 41: ENG 67/2 (Sibley 26* Root 4*) target 273

On comes de Grandhomme as New Zealand look to slightly pick up the over rate. BJ Watling calls for a helmet as he'll now stand up to the stumps.

Maiden over.

03:49 PM

OVER 40: ENG 67/2 (Sibley 26* Root 4*) target 273

Lovely off drive from Sibley gives him three, beautiful technique. Both Wagner and Jamieson have gone for less than one an over this innings.

03:45 PM

OVER 39: ENG 64/2 (Sibley 23* Root 4*) target 273

Sibley takes a single down to fine leg off the final ball of the over.

03:40 PM

OVER 38: ENG 63/2 (Sibley 22* Root 4*) target 273

Sibley with a tidy punch to mid-off for a single. Wagner in particular is taking his time bowling his overs, odd as the New Zealanders are the only side here with even an outside chance of winning this test match.

03:35 PM

OVER 37: ENG 62/2 (Sibley 21* Root 4*) target 273

Root deals with a nasty inswinger by pushing it away to midwicket for one. Sibley does the same with an inswinging yorker. It's good bowling from Southee

03:31 PM

OVER 36: ENG 60/2 (Sibley 20* Root 3*) target 273

England have scored just 11 runs in the last 11 overs, which tells you everything you need to know about their objectives for this final session.

Another maiden for Wagner.

03:26 PM

OVER 35: ENG 60/2 (Sibley 20* Root 3*) target 273

A single each for Root and Sibley as they continue to prioritise survival above all else.

03:22 PM

OVER 34: ENG 58/2 (Sibley 19* Root 2*) target 273

Wagner fires one down that nips back in to Sibley, leading to big LBW shouts, but it's hit him in the box and was heading over the top of the stumps. The next ball doesn't move and it ghosts just past Sibley's outside edge.

Maiden over.

03:18 PM

OVER 33: ENG 58/2 (Sibley 19* Root 2*) target 273

Root squirts one down to third man for a couple off Tim Southee before seeing out the rest of the over. He ignored a couple of tempters.

03:15 PM

Here come the players

So state of play - we've got a minimum of 43 overs left in the day, though it seems unlikely we'll get that many before light stops us, given the snail's pace of an over rate we've had in this test match.

England need 217 to win, though they look content to just bat the day out.

New Zealand need 8 wickets to win.

03:09 PM

217 in 43 overs, theoretically

I'll hand you back to Marcus for a spell.

03:08 PM

Dom Sibley plays a shot

not really representative of the afternoon's action.

Dom Sibley batting on day five - Getty
Dom Sibley batting on day five - Getty

02:56 PM

TEA: England 56/2 (Sibley 19* Root 0*) target 273

England gave up any hope of victory in that session, scoring just 56 in 32 overs. New Zealand have bowled well, they can theoretically bowl another 43 overs, albeit that this won't happen. But if they can get Root quickly, they will back themselves to give England a long, hard afternoon.

02:55 PM

OVER 32: ENG 56/2 (Sibley 19* Root 0*) target 273

Wagner right on top of Sibley here. Maiden.

02:52 PM

OVER 31: ENG 56/2 (Sibley 19* Root 0*) target 273

Southee to Root. Full, swinging, attacking the stumps and the pads. If Root goes quickly I reckon England might well lose this

02:50 PM

WICKET! Crawley c Nicholls b Southee 2

That's the end of that! It's a loose shot from Zak Crawley, he's driven airily well away from his body. Hasn't moved either of his feet, not got to the pitch of it, not transferred his weight. Playing miles away from his body. Poor shot, easy catch to Nicholls in the gully, see ya later. FOW 56/2

02:46 PM

OVER 30: ENG 56/1 (Sibley 19* Crawley 2*) target 273

Good duel. Wagner is getting plenty of swing. England's two up-and-comers digging in.

Tim Southee is coming back...

02:43 PM

OVER 29: ENG 55/1 (Sibley 19* Crawley 1*) target 273

If England are going for this target well, they're not going for it quite yet. Jamieson is a contributory factor: he's bowling dry, but it's also a bit wide a lot of the time. If England are going to have a go, they'll have to go looking for it.

02:39 PM

OVER 28: ENG 54/1 (Sibley 19* Crawley 0*) target 273

Wagner swings one wide, Sibley follows it, and has edged that wide of the slips. Dicey. The first runs off Neil in this spell. He now has figures of four maidens three maidens one for four.

02:37 PM

Calls to mind Super Mario Balotelli with the bib

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02:34 PM

OVER 27: ENG 50/1 (Sibley 15* Crawley 0*) target 273

Crawley looking a candidate for getting castled. Nearly done through the gap by Jamieson this time.

02:29 PM

OVER 26: ENG 49/1 (Sibley 13* Crawley 0*) target 273

Big swing from Wagner and Crawley is perilously close to being bowled through the gate there. That's three maidens in a row.

02:27 PM

OVER 25: ENG 49/1 (Sibley 13* Crawley 0*) target 273

Jamieson comes in. Maiden. England have struggled a bit recently when tied down for too long in these sort of situs...

02:23 PM

OVER 24: ENG 49/1 (Sibley 13* Crawley 0*) target 273

Zak Crawley comes in and sees out the two last balls of the wicket maiden over.

02:17 PM

WICKET! Burns c Southee b Wagner 25

Wagner the left armer with a fine delivery, nipping it away. And he is well backed up by his colleague Tim Southee, who has taken a super low catch at second slip. It barely carried, but the quick bowler snaffled it a fraction above the ground and New Zealand have their opportunity. FOW 49/1

02:14 PM

OVER 23: ENG 49/0 (Burns 25* Sibley 14*) target 273

A couple off Santner, solid rather than spectacular. Some turn for him.

02:13 PM

OVER 22: ENG 47/0 (Burns 24* Sibley 13*) target 273

Nothing gentlemanly about Neil Wagner the bowler, with his slippery, waspish hostility and short ball. This is a decent over, plenty of swing. Maybe a bit too wide to be truly dangerous. Maiden.

02:07 PM

OVER 21: ENG 47/0 (Burns 24* Sibley 13*) target 273

A tidy over from Santner, certainly better than his first. Is the game drifting along to a gentlemanly conclusion?

Or will Neil Wagner break the game open? He's coming on for a bowl next.

02:02 PM

OVER 20: ENG 46/0 (Burns 23* Sibley 13*) target 273

Oof, another horror ball from Southee to Burns. Pitched on a length or maybe a fraction short but it leaps up and hits him on the glove in front of the upper chest. It lands short of the slips.

01:59 PM

OVER 19: ENG 45/0 (Burns 22* Sibley 13*) target 273

Mitch Santner on for an over, and it's not one to write home about to be honest. Bit inaccurate.

01:55 PM

OVER 18: ENG 40/0 (Burns 21* Sibley 10*) target 273

Nasty lifter from Southee. Came from nowhere, popped up spitefully from a length and hit Rory Burns on the outer part of the right hand. "That is very, very sore," says Nasser Hussain. Who knows a thing or two about busted hands. He and Ian Ward are discussing Graham Gooch being hit on the hand by Ezra Moseley.

Anyway a long delay... looks like Rory is okay..

Now an LBW shout against Sibley. Southee over the wicker, Sibley gets across the stumps, head falling over, and is hit on the pads. That's surely going down the legside? Given not out, New Zealand review but they will be disappointed.

01:46 PM


Tyers here, 58 overs left in theory. When will England have a go? These two have seen off opening spells from some of the danger men, they ball is a bit softer. But sooner or later, two an over isn't going to get them there.

01:41 PM

OVER 17: ENG 33/0 (Burns 20* Sibley 9*)

Maiden over for de Grandhomme. Final delivery leads to a loud shout for LBW but it looked very high and the New Zealanders choose not to review.

That takes us to the mid-session drinks break, and I'll hand you over to Alan Tyers.

01:38 PM

OVER 16: ENG 33/0 (Burns 20* Sibley 9*)

Southee on for Jamieson as he changes ends. Burns punches him away and it has too much pace for Wagner at backwards square leg. Four runs.

He's been a smidge expensive Southee, going for three an over despite England's conservative start.

01:33 PM

OVER 15: ENG 29/0 (Burns 16* Sibley 9*)

De Grandhomme bowls out a maiden but New Zealand have failed to make an early breakthrough. Aside from a few flirtations with Sibley's outside edge, the two openers haven't looked overly troubled.

01:30 PM

OVER 14: ENG 29/0 (Burns 16* Sibley 9*)

The runs are flowing off Jamieson now! Single for Sibley, then Burns gets one too! Sibley then flicks one off his hip for two more. Burns closes it out with a single.

01:25 PM

OVER 13: ENG 24/0 (Burns 15* Sibley 5*)

Cracking effort in the field from Henry Nicholls, but he can't quite stop Burns working one through the slips for four.

01:22 PM

OVER 12: ENG 20/0 (Burns 11* Sibley 5*)

Jamieson continues and his first ball is very wide and runs past Watling for four byes. Byes were harsh on the keeper, that was a wide for my money.

England finally score a run off him, as Burns flicks a single down to midwicket from the final ball of the over.

01:17 PM

OVER 11: ENG 15/0 (Burns 10* Sibley 5*)

Williamson makes the early change to preserve Southee after he fails to make a breakthrough. Here comes de Grandhomme.

Horrible miscommunication from the England batsmen. They run a single then dither about whether or not to run two and Sibley is caught in no mans land. He dives at full stretch and makes it home by millimetres.

01:13 PM

OVER 10: ENG 14/0 (Burns 9* Sibley 5*)

Five maidens out of five for Jamieson, England's run rate is just 1.4. He's moving the ball in and out Jamieson but each time he's hitting his spots. Excellent stuff from him.

01:08 PM

OVER 9: ENG 14/0 (Burns 9* Sibley 5*)

Sibley opts for a quick single after a forward defence to cover, forcing Burns to scamper, but they make it. Cautious approach from the openers, looks like seeing off Southee and wicket preservation is the name of the game for the hosts to start.

01:04 PM

OVER 8: ENG 13/0 (Burns 9* Sibley 4*)

Jamieson continues his unblemished start with his fourth maiden. He's looked the more likely to make the breakthrough so far.

01:00 PM

OVER 7: ENG 13/0 (Burns 9* Sibley 4*)

Sibley gets off the mark with a tidy flick off his hip down to midwicket for four. Took him 20 deliveries but that should settle him down.

12:55 PM

OVER 6: ENG 9/0 (Burns 9* Sibley 0*)

Jamieson has started very well, he's facing Burns this over and the left-hander is also struggling to pick the line and length, much like his opening partner.

Another maiden for the giant Kiwi. Slightly slow start for England, but they haven't lost an early wicket.

12:50 PM

OVER 5: ENG 9/0 (Burns 9* Sibley 0*)

Sibley looks in a touch of pain after taking one off the back elbow from Jamieson on the final ball of the previous over.

Burns plays the swing well against Southee to pick up a single.

12:46 PM

OVER 4: ENG 8/0 (Burns 8* Sibley 0*)

Sibley still can't get himself off the mark, a couple of nervy leaves as Jamieson continues to bowl down the corridor of uncertainty outside off stump. He looks in a little bit of trouble here the England opener.

12:42 PM

OVER 3: ENG 8/0 (Burns 8* Sibley 0*)

Short leg out, he's moved to second gully as New Zealand pack the offside to Burns. Burns punches a lovely on-drive away from a decent ball at his off stump, four more.

12:37 PM

OVER 2: ENG 4/0 (Burns 4* Sibley 0*)

Kyle Jamieson to start from the nursery end, he has three slips and a gully in. Sibley edges one, but it falls short of Taylor at second slip. His heart will have been in his mouth there.

Excellent maiden from Jamieson, he's found his line and length immediately.

12:33 PM

OVER 1: ENG 4/0 (Burns 4* Sibley 0*)

Tim Southee to open the bowling, he's put an aggressive field in, two slips, a gully and a short leg as well as cover pushed in relatively close. New Zealand need wickets.

Burns skews one away behind point for four to kick things off.

12:27 PM

New Zealand have declared

So we won't have the rest of that Anderson over, instead it's Burns and Sibley marching out to the middle to face the New Zealand attack. The Kiwi's are going to try and go for the win here, giving themselves two sessions to bowl England out.

So, New Zealand are 272 ahead. if they're quick, they're going to have 75 overs to bowl. England need 273 to win at 3.6 runs per over, New Zealand need ten wickets.

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11:47 AM

OVER 52.3: NZ 169/6 (Watling 15* de Grandhomme 9*)

De Grandhomme has been sent in to keep the runs flowing, despite their being minimal amounts of batting behind him. He's in one-day mode and pulls Anderson away for four behind square leg.

The rain has picked up, so the umpires pull the players off for an early lunch. We'll resume with three more deliveries from Anderson and hopefully some drier skies

11:43 AM

OVER 52: NZ 162/6 (Watling 15* de Grandhomme 2*)

It's good bowling from the England captain, nothing magical but a good, consistent line and length. New Zealand keep things ticking over with some singles.

11:41 AM

WICKET!! Nicholls c Burns b Root 23

Great catch from Rory Burns. Nicholls looks to reverse sweep Joe Root, but his bat comes through a bit early and he skews one up in the air off his glove. Burns scrambles and covers plenty of ground before making a diving catch.

England vs New Zealand, first Test, day five: live score and latest updates - ANDREW COULDRIDGE /Action Images via Reuters 
England vs New Zealand, first Test, day five: live score and latest updates - ANDREW COULDRIDGE /Action Images via Reuters

11:39 AM

OVER 51: NZ 159/5 (Watling 14* Nicholls 23*)

It's just began to drizzle at Lord's, not what New Zealand want. It's fairly light at the moment, no sign the players will head off for an early lunch just yet, though the brollies are going up in the crowd.

A pair of singles off the over.

11:35 AM

OVER 50: NZ 157/5 (Watling 13* Nicholls 22*)

Root comes round the wicket to the right-hander as he begins his third over. A nice tight over yields just the one run

11:33 AM

OVER 49: NZ 156/5 (Watling 12* Nicholls 22*)

Watling edges one through backwards point off Anderson for four as the New Zealand run rate continues to rise. They won't care how these runs come.

11:30 AM

OVER 48: NZ 151/5 (Watling 7* Nicholls 22*)

Nicholls drives Root over mid-on for four, that takes New Zealand's lead over 250. A pair then takes them over the 150 mark for the second innings.

11:27 AM

OVER 47: NZ 144/5 (Watling 6* Nicholls 16*)

Anderson now on after a change of ends. After a pair of singles, he nearly gets Nicholls to edge after an absolute peach.

11:22 AM

OVER 46: NZ 142/5 (Watling 5* Nicholls 15*)

Skipper Joe Root is replacing Anderson after just one over as England need to pick up the over rate, they're three down on the day. That over rate has been dreadful all series, even taking out the lost day to rain, we're currently 25 overs behind where we should be.

Broad comes back on for Wood, Overton stays on. New Zealand keep the run rate ticking over, five from this one

11:19 AM

OVER 45: NZ 137/5 (Watling 4* Nicholls 11*)

Good over from Mark Wood, he bowled from slightly wider of the crease and his change of approach fooled Taylor. BJ Watling gets himself off the mark with a fine cut for four.

11:16 AM

WICKET!!! Taylor c Bracey b Wood 33

Wood strikes, Ross Taylor didn't survive long after that LBW escape. Wood swings one in towards him before moving it away off the seam and Taylor is tempted into and edge. Bracey corrals with ease behind the stumps and New Zealand are five down

11:13 AM

OVER 44: NZ 132/4 (Taylor 33* Nicholls 10*)

Jimmy Anderson coming on for Stuart Broad, who has been substituted for Craig Overton in the field. After a pair of singles, Anderson appeals for an LBW of Taylor, but it's waved away. England can't appeal after wasting them yesterday, and that turns out to be fatal, as hawkeye shows he was plumb.

11:08 AM

OVER 43: NZ 126/4 (Taylor 30* Nicholls 7*)

Just the one slip on for Mark Wood. Taylor takes a giant heave, aiming for cow corner, and he slices it high over first slip. He put so much force into the swing that it flies for six over the head of third man.

He then tries a couple more big swings, looks like New Zealand are going to aim for a 300-odd run lead and then declare at lunch. Give themselves a chance to skittle England in two sessions.

11:03 AM

OVER 42: NZ 118/4 (Taylor 23* Nicholls 6*)

Broad has got it swinging. Nicholls with a thick edge to the third man fence for four. That could have gone anywhere. And now Broad swings one big the other way, four leg byes for that.

That takes us up to drinks. New Zealand have added 56 runs in 12 overs. So a decent rate, Taylor has been swinging hard, but neither side exactly playing like their pants are on fire. The lead is 221.

I will hand you over to Marcus Parekh for a bit.

10:58 AM

OVER 41: NZ 109/4 (Taylor 23* Nicholls 1*)

Mark Wood comes on. Taylor continues with his policy of attacking almost everything. Crawley partially redeems himself with a fine diving stop.

10:55 AM

OVER 40: NZ 107/4 (Taylor 22* Nicholls 1*)

That brings Henry Nicholls in. There was a theory that they might promote Colin de Grandhomme and welly it for a bit but that's not to be.

10:48 AM

WICKET! Latham lbw Broad 36

Broad sets Latham up with the outswinger, then slips him the innie. It is pitching outside off, it is hitting him in line, and it is clipping leg stump. Given out. Latham reviews, it's umpire's call as it turns out and, well, out is what it is. It looked like he was a goner, and he was. Still, handy little knock. Broad breaks his horror streak. FOW 105/3

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10:45 AM

OVER 39: NZ 105/3 (Latham 36* Taylor 21*)

Another big shot that completely misses the ball from Taylor. Gets hold of one now though, and has smashed Robinson into the midwicket stand. Simon Doull: "he was a very fine hockey player and that is right in his slot."

Robinson with a cute slower ball as the follow up, Taylor misjudges that, donks it to the offside, and sets off for a run that isn't there. Gets back okay.

WinViz rates New Zealand as 17%, the draw at 82% and England at Bob Hope.

10:42 AM

OVER 38: NZ 97/3 (Latham 35* Taylor 14*)

Taylor still swinging like the proverbial rusty game, thick edge gets him an ill-deserved three through the slips.

Not sure if he is looking to have a go because of the team situation, or because he is out of form and he's trying to slog his way into the groove?

10:38 AM

OVER 37: NZ 93/3 (Latham 34* Taylor 11*)

Taylor looks pretty out of sorts. Has a couple of big hoicks here. One he smears to the legside for a couple. Now a ball nips back in from outside of off stump and he is hit on the pads going for the mow. I can tell you from a quick glance that this is not going to be lbw but England review it nevertheless. Their reviewing has been poor in this game, and this one is more of the same: England have lost their last review.

Taylor misses with another drive shortly after. He's trying to wallop himself into form...

10:34 AM

OVER 36: NZ 91/3 (Latham 34* Taylor 9*)

Broad plugging away, cursing that black cat he must have run over at some point recently. Taylor plays him well in this over.

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10:27 AM

OVER 35: NZ 87/3 (Latham 33* Taylor 6*)

Ross Taylor drives Robinson to the cover fence for four. But Robinson comes back at him later, in the over, beating him on the outside edge.

10:21 AM

OVER 34: NZ 81/3 (Latham 32* Taylor 1*)

Broad beats Latham with a beautiful cutter, pitches and nibbles away. No playing that. No left-hander who ever lived was getting a bat on that.

Now Latham flips it off his pads, aerial, and Crawley has dropped a difficult chance diving to his right at midwicket. Broad is having no luck at all.

10:18 AM

OVER 33: NZ 80/3 (Latham 32* Taylor 0*)

Ross Taylor comes in. The veteran has had a great career but has a noticeably poor record against Stuart Broad.

Robinson finishes his over with a big inswinger that beats the keeper for four byes.

10:14 AM

WICKET! Wagner c Bracey b Robinson 10

That's a timely wicket for England, Wagner was beginning to look dangerous. Some short stuff in the over has Wagner swinging and missing, and then an injudicious pull at a short ball and he top edges it to the keeper for an easy one. FOW 74/3

10:08 AM

OVER 32: NZ 72/2 (Latham 31* Wagner 10*)

Broad from the Nursery End. A leg before appeal against Wagner but that would have gone down. Wagner looks like he is going to have a go, as he should. Thick edge through third man give him four. But then a really classy shot from Neil, whips it off his legs with real timing and that purrs away to the boundary. Lara-esque!

Ten off the over. Few more of them will move the game on...

10:03 AM

OVER 31: NZ 62/2 (Latham 30* Wagner 2*)

Robinson is bowling over the wicket from the Pavilion End to the left-hander Latham. Got three slips in. Holding says: "Not extreme pace but he makes the batsman play and he bowls straight. I am very interested in this young man." Now he has switched to around the wicket.

Latham solid in defence, looked quite positive in defence. It's a maiden.

10:00 AM

It is Ollie Robinson

who has the ball in his hand. Tom Latham, 30 not out, going through his prep.

New Zealand resume on 62/2 (Latham 30* Wagner 2*) 30 overs.

Michael Holding is in the comms box! He had some hard travel from, I think he said, the Cayman Islands? Had a hard time getting a flight, and then had to quarantine.

09:57 AM

And our review of Burns

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09:56 AM

And Michael on Ollie Robinson

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09:55 AM

Vaughan on the England batting

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09:39 AM

There's a hint of a suggestion

of some drizzle. Few spots of rain about near Lord's.

But we should start at 11.

09:14 AM

Day five of the Lord's Test

is coming up. New Zealand resume on 62/2, with opener Tom Latham on 30*, joined last night by Neil Wagner as a nightwatchman. The redoubtable Wagner did his job, surviving 24 balls but you'd imagine that if New Zealand have any hopes of winning, he and the rest of them will need to crack on straight away. The tourists lead by 165. The weather is a little overcast here in North London and there are some showers forecast in St John's Wood from about 5pm. The draw is a strong favourite.

BUT if the Kiwis can score quickly and declare at lunch they might be able to set England 280 in two sessions, if they're feeling racy. I guess if Kane is feeling cautious he might think that they need to see off the England bowlers for an hour just to take the prospect of a collapse and a chase of 220 out of the picture. There were signs of up and down bounce yesterday, more than signs in fact, so batting last might not be at all easy.

And of course, with this highly entertaining but persistently erratic England team, you never quite know. Could you see them walloping the ball hither and yon and chasing down a score? Sure. Could you see them getting the collective wobbles and all getting bowled out for 108? Absolutely.

Michael Vaughan, for one, reckons that you can never be too sure about this England batting.

England's batting has been below par once again - Australia will be licking their lips

"You look at the first innings, Zak Crawley and Dan Lawrence playing big fancydan drives early on. It's just a mindset, a desperation to get the scoreboard ticking. I guess a little bit of nerves early in an innings, trying to play the pure way. That's what these players like to do - they like to feel bat on ball regularly, which is something that I'd say, in flat conditions you can do but here at Lord's when the ball was moving it wasn't the right option.

So I think they've got to work out their mental side to understand that you've got to be able to score ugly runs at Test level - they can't be that you're always hitting the ball purely. It's just impossible. Look at Henry Nicholls, Joe Root, and the centurion Rory Burns this Test - they grafted to get a score."

Stuart Broad and James Anderson - Getty
Stuart Broad and James Anderson - Getty

England did bowl superbly yesterday, and with the overhead conditions in their favour, it might yet be that it is the hosts who have the better chance of a win from here. Simon Doull on Sky Sports says that the Kiwis will "be conservative."

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