England vs New Zealand LIVE! Black Caps win - T20 World Cup semi-final match stream, latest score and updates

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England vs New Zealand LIVE! Black Caps win - T20 World Cup semi-final match stream, latest score and updates

England vs New Zealand - LIVE!

The ODI world champions and the Test world champions go head-to-head in Abu Dhabi this afternoon, both looking to add T20 World Cup to their trophy cabinet.

Little more than two years on from their epic 50-over World Cup final clash at Lord’s, Eoin Morgan and Kane Williamson lead their sides out once again, with a place in Sunday’s final against either Pakistan or Australia on the line.

England were among the pre-tournament favourites and excelled in the group stage, winning their opening four matches before losing to South Africa with qualification all-but assured, but their hopes have been hit by injuries to key men in Jason Roy and Tymal Mills.

New Zealand have, as ever, gone slightly under the radar, but also won four of their Super 12 games to qualify ahead of India, with their bowling attack in particularly in fine form.

You can follow all the action LIVE with Standard Sport’s blog below...

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England vs New Zealand latest news

  • Mitchell hammers winning runs

  • Jordan’s over goes for 23

  • Moeen half-century gets England to 166

  • Buttler out lbw for 29

  • New Zealand win toss and bowl first

Sunday’s final

18:01 , Matt Verri

So New Zealand will be in the World Cup final on Sunday, but who will join them?

Pakistan face Australia tomorrow afternoon to decide that, and Standard Sport will once again be on hand for LIVE coverage.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

And now the winning captain..

17:53 , Matt Verri

Kane Williamson: “We’ve played each other on a number of occasions, knew it would be a great game of cricket, and really chuffed with the heart that was shown throughout that performance.

“Outstanding from Mitchell at the top, but cashing in on the match-ups [was crucial]. His character stood out today, an incredible knock, not done it a lot at the top of the order. T20 cricket is a game of small margins, depending on the surface, short side... can all be match-defining.

“We had wickets in hand which was really important. Neesham came out and hit the ball hard, and changed the momentum of the game. Ultimately the deciding factor.”

Morgan not done yet?

17:50 , Matt Verri

“To have the ability to hit sixes from ball one like [Neesham], full credit to him.

“I hope to be back, I am still offering enough, and I love playing in this changing room. I’m incredibly proud to be their leader.”

Here’s what Eoin Morgan has to say...

17:49 , Matt Verri

“Full credit to Kane and his team, they outplayed us today, I can’t fault anything that we’ve done tonight, we’ve fought hard and represented ourselves well, but come up short tonight.

“Incredibly proud of the guys. Hard to identify the key moments, they built up until they had to push the button, then came good.

“It was a sluggish pitch and we struggled to hit sixes, a good indication it was two-paced. We posted a par score and felt in the game at the halfway side.”

Daryl Mitchell’s reaction

17:41 , Matt Verri

“A bit of a whirlwind, nice to get the job done and move onto the big dance. Challenging, especially at the start.

“The way Devon Conway batted through the middle, and Neesh, really helped us. It’s a game of momentum, we knew we needed one or two big overs, and the way he struck the ball from ball one...

“With what’s going on in the world, for my dad to travel half way round the world and be here is pretty cool.”

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Will Macpherson in Abu Dhabi

17:37 , Matt Verri

My word! What an onslaught that was from Jimmy Neesham and Martin Guptill. England will reflect that they stuffed that up, after Livingstone forged a winning position for them. Dew did not appear too great a factor.

17:36 , Matt Verri


New Zealand needed 57 off 24 balls after Liam Livingstone’s brilliant spell.

They’ve done it with an over to spare. Jordan went the distance, the batsmen then got hold of Rashid, and Woakes has been smashed for 20 in the over.

Jimmy Neesham’s cameo so, so important, and then Daryl Mitchell took centre stage.

17:33 , Matt Verri


Poor from Woakes, full toss on the hip, and Mitchell swivels and flicks it away to the fine-leg boundary. Mitchell finishes on 72 not out off 47 balls. His team win by five wickets.


17:32 , Matt Verri

Back of a length to Santner too, and pulled into the leg side for a single. Will Mitchell look to end it this ball?

4 off 7 needed.

17:31 , Matt Verri

Woakes staying with the short ball. Mitchell doesn’t get all of it this time, and it drops short for a single. England finally get him off strike, but the damage is surely done.

5 off 8 needed.

17:30 , Matt Verri

SIX MORE, AND THAT’S SURELY THE MATCH. Short ball, and it’s a flat pull over cow-corner and into the stands! Stunning from Mitchell.

6 off 9 needed.

17:29 , Matt Verri

NZ 155/5 (18.2 overs)

Mitchell 62, Santner 0

Straight back down the ground from Mitchell... in the air, but Woakes can’t get a hand on it. They have to come back for two, and they do.

SIX! Back of a length, Mitchell again rocks back and again hits it straight over long-on. Brutal hitting.

Just 12 off 10 needed now.

Will Macpherson in Abu Dhabi

17:26 , Matt Verri

They were two desperate overs for England. Rashid has found a wicket just when England needed it. It’s still New Zealand’s game to lose, but England have a shot of defending 20 from 12.

What a knock from Neesham, 26 off 10 deliveries. Santner in now, with Woakes to bowl the 19th over.

17:25 , Matt Verri

WICKET! Neesham c Morgan b Rashid 26

New Zealand 147/5 (18 overs)

SIX MORE! Mitchell this time. New Zealand in control now? He rocks back and smashes it over long-on to bring up his half-century. More importantly, his side are piling on the pressure on the England attack.

BUT ENGLAND STRIKE BACK! It’s wide from Rashid, and Neesham cuts it in the air... Morgan takes a really good catch on the stretch!

20 needed off 12 balls.

17:23 , Matt Verri

NZ 140/4 (17.3 overs)

Mitchell 46, Neesham 27

Adil Rashid to bowl the 18th over. He’s drying his hands and the ball, trying to prevent the dew from becoming a problem.

SIX! Jimmy Neesham is on fire. Down on one knee, and slogs it miles over the leg-side boundary. GAME ON. This match has turned so quickly.

Nearly a run out next ball, but they just about sneak a single.

27 needed off 15 balls.

17:20 , Matt Verri

NZ 133/4 (17 overs)

Mitchell 46, Neesham 20

Jordan continues to deliver it into the slot, and Neesham continues to swing for the hills. It’s high, but it lands right between Livingstone and Bairstow. Two runs.

Final ball of a chaotic over is better, Jordan finally lands a yorker, and they get only a single.

23 off it though. TWENTY THREE.

New Zealand now need 34 off 18 balls.

17:18 , Matt Verri

It was full again from Jordan, and Neesham launched it down the ground. Bairstow got round at long-off, flung himself to his left to catch it, and then tossed it up to Livingstone. It’s unbelievable fielding.

But did he touch the rope?

HE DID. Knee was touching the rope. It’s six. Neesham piling on the pressure on Jordan.

17:17 , Matt Verri

NZ 124/4 (16.3 overs)

Mitchell 46, Neesham 11

Six first ball! That helps. Swatted over the leg side by Neesham. It was there to go again next ball, but New Zealand have to settle for a couple of leg-byes.

Wide down the leg side, shaky start to the over from Jordan. Full, in the slot next ball... hammered straight for four! Neesham on the charge!

And now another wide.


Will Macpherson in Abu Dhabi

17:13 , Matt Verri

Immense 16th over from Liam Livingstone: New Zealand started it needing 60 from 30. It went for just three and picked up the vital wicket of Glenn Phillips. It is England’s to lose now.

Chris Jordan back into the attack.

17:11 , Matt Verri

NZ 110/4 (16.0 overs)

Mitchell 46, Neesham 1

Neesham in for the Black Caps, but Mitchell on strike.

Two more dots, pressure really building. Wide and spinning away... another dot. What an over this is from Livingstone, right when England needed it. He then charges after the ball, brilliant fielding to stop Mitchell coming back for a second.

Can he finish his spell off. Final ball... wide. Actually the final ball this time, Neesham can only get a single. 4-0-22-2 for Livingstone.

New Zealand need 57 off 24 balls.

17:08 , Matt Verri

WICKET! Phillips c Billings b Livingstone 2

New Zealand 107/4 (15.1 overs)

Livingstone is flying! Phillips knows he has to go big, but he can only find Billings at long-off. Simple catch. England starting to take control of this.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

17:05 , Matt Verri

NZ 107/3 (15.0 overs)

Mitchell 45, Phillips 2

Wood to finish his spell. Mitchell nearly miscues it straight to deep third-man, but it falls short and he gets a couple. RRR now up at 12 an over.

That helps, top edge over the keeper for four. Another short ball, another pull... short of Billings, just a single.

New Zealand need 60 off 30 balls.

17:00 , Matt Verri

NZ 97/3 (14.0 overs)

Mitchell 37, Phillips 0

Thought he had Phillips first ball, but it’s Buttler’s glove that flicks off the bails.

Five off the over and the wicket England wanted... Livingstone doing his job with the ball brilliantly.

16:58 , Matt Verri

WICKET! Conway st Buttler b Livingstone 46

New Zealand 97/3 (13.3 overs)

Breakthrough for England! Livingstone almost has Conway caught and bowled, but he has him stumped the next ball!

Conway came charging down the wicket, it didn’t spin at all, and Buttler is on hand to do the rest. England needed that.

16:55 , Matt Verri

NZ 92/2 (13.0 overs)

Mitchell 35, Conway 44

Slow and wide from Rashid, giving Conway nothing to work with, and he can only get a single. Much shorter to Mitchell, but it skids on and the batsman can’t get any bat on it. They get a leg-bye, but that should have gone to the fence.

NEARLY OUTRAGEOUS FROM JORDAN!! Well it was outrageous to stop the six. Mitchell launches it down the ground, Jordan at long-off plucks it out of the air one-handed, and manages to toss it back inside the rope. Thought he was going to catch it for a second.

Hang on, they’re having a check... and six given. Inches away from saving it though.

16:49 , Matt Verri

NZ 80/2 (12.0 overs)

Mitchell 28, Conway 40

Livingstone gets down really well off his own bowling, as Conway hammers it straight back at him. Probably saved a boundary there. Three dots off the first four balls of the over.

Conway has to do something, and he does, slapping the drive away past the cover fielder for four. Single to finish, and that’s still a decent over for England.

16:46 , Matt Verri

NZ 73/2 (11.0 overs)

Mitchell 28, Conway 33

Mark Wood into his third over. Mitchell flat-bats the first ball along the ground, straight, and for four.

They sneak a leg bye after the ball hits Conway’s hip, and it’s called a no-ball! Free hit... England get away with just a single.

Conway has a huge swipe at a short wide one though, and it flies over the third-man boundary for six. 15 off the over, New Zealand still right in this.

Will Macpherson in Abu Dhabi

16:43 , Matt Verri

It feels to me like England need to break this partnership, to ask someone else to start. The asking rate is high and there’s no dew to speak of, but the game feels right in the balance.

16:41 , Matt Verri

Here’s how Williamson fell earlier in the innings. Strange shot choice, and poor execution.

16:40 , Matt Verri

So, halfway point of the innings. New Zealand need 109 off 60 balls. England certainly on top, but New Zealand have rebuilt and kept wickets in hand.

Rebuild can’t go on for much longer though, you’d think at least one of Mitchell or Conway is going to have to really go at some point soon.

16:38 , Matt Verri

NZ 58/2 (10.0 overs)

Mitchell 22, Conway 26

Bit of everything to come from the spinner, you would imagine, to keep the batsmen guessing. New Zealand have to target someone though, with the RRR already approaching 11 an over.

Conway down the track, lofted over cover... safe. Woakes wasn’t far away from getting under that. Down the pitch again next ball, and hammered straight over the bowler’s head for four. Great shot.

Times the reverse sweep perfectly, but Moeen in the ring does well to get down and stop the run. That will be drinks.

16:35 , Matt Verri

NZ 50/2 (9.0 overs)

Mitchell 21, Conway 19

Wood charging in, bouncer beats Mitchell and is called a wide. Buttler went up for the catch, but that didn’t hit anything and Morgan wisely decides not to review.

Big pull shot from Mitchell is flat-batted to Bairstow at long-on. Throw clatters into the stumps, and they’ll sneak an overthrow.

Liam Livingstone about to come into the attack.

16:29 , Matt Verri

NZ 45/2 (8.0 overs)

Mitchell 18, Conway 17

Adil Rashid to continue, this time with more protection on the fence.

Will Conway look to be as aggressive as he was in the powerplay? Pitched up, and hit down to long-off for a single. He tries to go a bit more aerially off the final ball of the over, but again it’s only to the fielder for a single.

Quick over that from the leg-spinner, and just four off it. Required run rate now up to 10.16.

16:26 , Matt Verri

NZ 41/2 (7.0 overs)

Mitchell 16, Conway 15

Mitchell really living life on the edge. Miscued pull is into the gap in front of long-on, and he gets back for a second. Next ball is more of a top edge, and Buttler can’t quite get back in time to take the catch. Wood’s pace causing problems.

Push to mid-off gives Mitchell a single, but that’s a good start from England’s fast bowler.

16:21 , Matt Verri

Classy start from Conway, who is attacking Rashid. England’s powerplay, but game on.

We’re about to get our first look at Mark Wood...

16:21 , Matt Verri

NZ 36/2 (6.0 overs)

Mitchell 12, Conway 14

Adil Rashid into the attack, and Conway says hello by punching him to the boundary off the back foot.

Appeal for lbw as Mitchell is caught on the pads, but probably spinning too much down leg.

Conway misses out on a ball down the leg side, unable to connect with the sweep, but he brings an end to the powerplay with a lovely drive through the covers for four. Ten off Rashid’s first over.

16:16 , Matt Verri

NZ 26/2 (5.0 overs)

Mitchell 11, Conway 5

Mitchell is a lucky, lucky boy. Tries to loft Woakes down the ground, but doesn’t get hold of it at all. Fielders at mid-off and mid-on run back... lands safely. The batsman flicks the next ball away off his pads for four.

Conway calls the quick single, taking on the arm of Jordan... fielder misses. Would have been safe this time, but not the man you want to be testing in the field.

16:11 , Matt Verri

NZ 17/2 (4.0 overs)

Mitchell 4, Conway 4

Conway beaten twice by Jordan early in the over, New Zealand getting stuck here.

Wide down the leg-side eases the pressure though. Short ball, and Conway loses his balance playing the pull shot. Didn’t look comfortable.

Tries to set off for a quick single next ball... Jordan swiftly shuts that down.

Runs at last for New Zealand, and a boundary! Lofted inside-out over cover for four, just as Malan did on more than one occasion earlier in the match.

Will Macpherson in Abu Dhabi

16:07 , Matt Verri

Woakes has bowled nicely, but he’s been the beneficiary of some ropey shots from the Kiwis. England in charge.

16:07 , Matt Verri

NZ 13/2 (3.0 overs)

Mitchell 4, Conway 0

Woakes nearly has Mitchell the next ball! Wonderful bowling, and it just nips away from the outside edge.

Dot to finish, and that’s a wicket maiden. England well on top now.

16:05 , Matt Verri

WICKET! Williamson c Rashid b Woakes 5

New Zealand 13-2 (2.4 overs)

Steve Bruce in the crowd, looking much happier with life than he has in recent months.

He’s even happier now... England have the New Zealand captain!

Williamson tries to ramp Woakes over short-fine leg, but Rashid gets round well and takes a comfortable catch. Big, big moment in this match.

16:01 , Matt Verri

NZ 13/1 (2.0 overs)

Mitchell 4, Williamson 5

Two dots to start the over, slowly building the pressure. It nearly tells next ball, Williamson with an inside edge that is so close to hitting the stumps.

That’s too straight from Jordan though, and it’s an easy single for the New Zealand captain.

Again on the pads, this time to Mitchell, and Livingstone cuts it off on the boundary. Nearly slipped back and gave away four, but just about threw the ball back in time.

Will Macpherson in Abu Dhabi

15:57 , Matt Verri

Chris Woakes has done his first job - dismissing Martin Guptill. England resisting using spin just yet.

Chris Jordan into the attack from the other end.

15:56 , Matt Verri

NZ 8/1 (1.0 overs)

Mitchell 1, Williamson 3

Williamson chases a wide one that is swinging away, and he wasn’t far from edging that behind.

That’s a nice shot though, easy clip off the pads and he’ll pick up three.

First blood England after the opening over.

15:54 , Matt Verri

WICKET! Guptill c Ali b Woakes 4

New Zealand 4-1 (0.3 overs)


Guptill slaps the first ball of the innings away for four, but he’s gone now! Completely miscues the pull shot straight up into the air, and Moeen is in the game again with a simple catch!

15:52 , Matt Verri

Guptill and Mitchell out to bat, Woakes with the ball.

This is set up to be a really tight match...

15:50 , Matt Verri

If England do manage to defend 166 when New Zealand come out to bat, they will have Moeen Ali to thank. Great knock from him that got England up to that total.

Will Macpherson in Abu Dhabi

15:43 , Matt Verri

England finish with 166, then. Strange innings, not all that fluent, but England will take it. They cannot afford an off night with the ball, but New Zealand will have to take some risks. Good game!

15:41 , Matt Verri

ENG 166/4 (20 overs)

Moeen 51, Morgan 4

Moeen 50! He gets there with a great shot over cover for four, but it was a bit of a gift from Neesham with the full toss. Flicks the next ball away to fine leg for a single.

What can Morgan do in two balls? He’ll have more than that, as Neesham fires in a wide.

Quick bouncer, pulled to short fine-leg... misfield allows them to come back for a second. Final ball of the innings... DROPPED!

Morgan sliced it to the off-side boundary, man running in slipped and made a mess of the catch. England post 166.

15:37 , Matt Verri

WICKET! Livingstone c Santner b Neesham 17

England 156/4 (19.2 overs)

Livingstone holes out to long-off. It was full and wide, and he didn’t really catch hold of it. His cameo is over, four balls left for England to go big.

Morgan in, but Moeen on strike.

Will Macpherson in Abu Dhabi

15:35 , Matt Verri

Jimmy Neesham to bowl the last. England have to take him down.

Here we go then...

15:34 , Matt Verri

ENG 155/3 (19.0 overs)

Moeen 45, Livingstone 17

Trent Boult with the task of keeping quite two batsmen trying to launch every ball for six.

Three off the first two balls... but then four! Livingstone slaps it over the cover, and long-off can’t get round in time. Powerful shot. Slices the next ball away for a single.

Great slower ball bouncer completely deceives Moeen. Final ball of the over hacked away for a single. Nine off it... New Zealand will very much take that.

15:31 , Matt Verri

Twelve balls to go. Can England get up towards 170?

15:30 , Matt Verri

ENG 146/3 (18.0 overs)

Moeen 43, Livingstone 10

Milne goes short first ball, and Moeen pulls him away over the boundary for an 81m six to start the over! Going hard at every ball with so many wickets still in hand.

Livingstone has four singles off the four balls he has faced, but he has had a full swing at every single one. Moeen nearly holes out to long-off, but it gets to the fielder on the bounce.

Livingstone is desperate to get in on the boundary scoring, but is almost swinging too hard... completely misses the ball with another slog.

Doesn’t miss that though, MASSIVE SIX. It went so, so far up, and it’s long enough too. Great over for England.

15:24 , Matt Verri

ENG 130/3 (17.0 overs)

Moeen 35, Livingstone 3

Sodhi to complete his set, and you feel these two will really go after him.

Moeen does just that, dancing down the track and lifting him over the leg-side boundary for a huge six! He tries to go again next ball, but can’t connect.

Another big swing, another dot. Down the track again this time, and flicks it away for a couple of runs.

Single to long-off to end an eventful over, good battle between Moeen and Sodhi!

15:20 , Matt Verri

ENG 119/3 (16.0 overs)

Moeen 26, Livingstone 2

Livingstone won’t be hanging around, and his time at the crease is very nearly a brief one!

He walks down the pitch and tries to pull Southee away to the boundary, but it balloons straight up. Luckily for him it drops safe and they get a single.

Great comeback from Southee after the six.

Will Macpherson in Abu Dhabi

15:19 , Matt Verri

England won’t mind a wicket here - Malan and Moeen had to tee off with Livingstone still in the shed. They have 26 balls remaining, and need to go big.

Here is Livingstone...

15:16 , Matt Verri

WICKET! Malan c Conway b Southee 42

England 116/3 (15.2 overs)

SIX.... and out!

Malan hits Southee over square leg for the first six of the match, and tries to go again the very next ball.

But it’s a less controlled shot, and he gets a tiny edge behind to the keeper. Good innings that though, from Malan.

15:14 , Matt Verri

ENG 110/2 (15.0 overs)

Malan 36, Moeen 25

Moeen goes big, Moeen goes high... and survives! He launches Boult miles into the sky, but Southee can’t quite make up the ground and it drops inches short.

Boult tries the leg-stump yorker, but Moeen flicks it away to the fence for four. It’s go time now. Big swing, but only down the ground for a single.

Malan tries to ramp the ball away to the fine-leg boundary, but makes a bit of a mess of it. They run a single though.

Five overs to go, platform well and truly set.

15:10 , Matt Verri

ENG 100/2 (14.0 overs)

Malan 34, Moeen 17

Mooen tries to slog Milne over cow-corner, but doesn’t catch it and will only get a single. Malan is similarly aggressive next ball, but completely misses the pull shot.

Hammers a full ball back down the ground, Milne sticks out a hand but it doesn’t stick! Tough to call it a drop, but it was a slight chance for the bowler.

Hundred up for England, but only six runs off the over. A really good one for the Black Caps.

15:06 , Matt Verri

ENG 94/2 (13.0 overs)

Malan 30, Moeen 15

Sodhi back for his third over.

Short and down the leg side... lucky Moeen didn’t connect with the pull, but it’s a wide. Single gets Malan on strike, who brings out the reverse sweep but it’s well fielded in the ring, will only be a single.

Malan steps to the off-side to give himself some room, but slaps it to the fielder on the boundary. Short and wide off the last ball, and Moeen takes advantage as he cuts it to the fence.

Eight wickets in hand, seven overs to go. Time to really accelerate.

15:01 , Matt Verri

ENG 85/2 (12.0 overs)

Malan 28, Moeen 9

Milne back into the attack, after his impressive first over at the end of the powerplay.

Malan yet again goes through the covers... this time just about cut off, but they will come back for a third.

Full toss to finish the over, and Moeen slices it away to the sweeper on the off-side boundary. England building a nice platform here.

14:56 , Matt Verri

ENG 78/2 (11.0 overs)

Malan 24, Moeen 6

Williamson turns to Glenn Phillips after drinks, the seventh bowler he’s used already.

England don’t intend to let him settle. Moeen clubs him down the ground for a single, before Malan again goes aerial over cover for another boundary. He then tries a reverse sweep... but Phillips fires it in fast, and it very nearly bowls Malan.

That’s much better, over cover again. Four again. Looks so good playing that shot.

A couple of singles to finish off, and that’s 11 runs off the over.

How Bairstow fell...

14:52 , Matt Verri

Here’s how New Zealand got their first wicket of the match. Brilliant work from the captain Williamson.

Will Macpherson in Abu Dhabi

14:51 , Matt Verri

This is nicely poised as they take a little quarter-time break. Dawid Malan is getting going, and has to kick on.

14:50 , Matt Verri

ENG 67/2 (10.0 overs)

Malan 15, Moeen 4

Jimmy Neesham into the attack, Williamson perhaps wary of giving Moeen too much spin.

Malan goes after a full, wide ball and edges it behind... DROPPED. Conway was diving to his left, but really should have taken that.

As is so often the way after a drop, Malan makes New Zealand pay - beautifully-timed cover drive, and that’s another boundary. Halfway stage of the innings, and that will be drinks.

Will Macpherson in Abu Dhabi

14:46 , Matt Verri

Buttler, the leading runscorer in the tournament, is out. Moeen Ali, who loves legspinners, comes in at No4. Someone has to stand up for England.

14:45 , Matt Verri

ENG 60/2 (9.0 overs)

Malan 10, Moeen 2

Moeen Ali in at four, a brilliant player of spin.

Malan and Moeen keep it safe for the rest of the over, just knocking it into space for easy singles. That is until Malan lofts Sodhi inside-out over cover for four, that’s a great shot.

14:41 , Matt Verri

WICKET! Buttler lbw Sodhi 29

England 53/2 (8.1 overs)

Buttler tries the reverse sweep... misses... GIVEN OUT! That certainly looked like it was hitting the stumps.

He reviews, but that’s three reds. England’s main man is gone, huge wicket.

14:39 , Matt Verri

ENG 53/1 (8.0 overs)

Buttler 29, Malan 5

Spin from both ends, with Mitchell Santner into the attack.

Buttler gives himself one ball, and then brings out the reverse sweep. Brilliantly executed, four runs for the opener. Definitely more intent against Santner, as Buttler paddles it for a couple of runs.

Another attempt at the reverse sweep, but doesn’t make great contact. Tucks Santner into the leg side to finish the over.

14:35 , Matt Verri

ENG 45/1 (7.0 overs)

Buttler 22, Malan 4

Malan certainly doesn’t pick that, and he’s lucky that the ball doesn’t catch a bit of his outside edge.

Buttler down the pitch, and pushes it into the covers for a single. England not looking to be too aggressive against the leg-spinner early in his spell.

Five singles off the over.

Will Macpherson in Abu Dhabi

14:32 , Matt Verri

Cagey powerplay. Both teams would probably take 40-1. England have a platform, but cannot afford to get stuck.

Ish Sodhi into the attack now...

14:31 , Matt Verri

ENG 40/1 (6.0 overs)

Buttler 20, Malan 1

England do send in Dawid Malan at three this time, and he’s off the mark with a single first ball.

Another powerful pull from Buttler, but there’s cover on the leg-side boundary and it’s cut off. More good running after the ball hits Malan’s hip gives England a single, and that’s the powerplay done.

Honours even?

Will Macpherson in Abu Dhabi

14:28 , Matt Verri

That’s a cracking catch from Williamson. The Bairstow move hasn’t really worked - he seemed distracted by some movement behind the arm. Perfect start for Milne.

14:27 , Matt Verri

WICKET! Bairstow c Williamson b Milne 13

England 37/1 (5.1 overs)

Adam Milne into the attack for the final over of the powerplay, and he strikes first ball!

Bairstow looks to take the ball over mid-off, but Williamson dives to his left and it’s a wonderful catch. Umpires check it, but that’s brilliant work. New Zealand get their first.

14:24 , Matt Verri

ENG 37/0 (5.0 overs)

Buttler 19, Bairstow 13

Southee looking to stem the flow of runs after that expensive Boult over.

That won’t help though - Bairstow lofts a full ball straight over the bowler’s head, once-bounce four. Fielder goes back to long-on as a result, with Williamson taking out the slip, and that leads to an easy single.

New Zealand continue to target Buttler with some short pitched-bowling, but again he rolls his wrists on it and it’s a single to fine leg.

Will Macpherson in Abu Dhabi

14:20 , Matt Verri

Good stuff from Buttler in that Boult over, which goes for 16. Bairstow struggling a touch, but this suddenly looks a very solid start. Southee is having a third over, because there’s some movement there.

14:20 , Matt Verri

ENG 29/0 (4.0 overs)

Buttler 17, Bairstow 7

Halfway through the powerplay, New Zealand on top.

Buttler is ready to turn that around though, two boundaries to start the over. The first is a lovely push straight down the ground, before he drives through the cover fielders.

Momentum shifting... Boult bangs in the short ball, but it’s too high for everyone and runs away for five wides. Expensive over this.

Buttler picks up another couple thanks to an overthrow, before working another short ball to fine leg for a single. 16 runs off it.

14:14 , Matt Verri

ENG 13/0 (3.0 overs)

Buttler 6, Bairstow 7

It’s another tight start to the over from Southee, with just a single from the opening three balls of the over.

They consider a quick run as Bairstow defends to mid-on, but wisely decide against it. The Yorkshireman is again cramped as the ball moves back into him.

Can Southee finish the over off? He can indeed, another dot ball. Brilliant from the New Zealand bowler.

14:10 , Matt Verri

ENG 12/0 (2.0 overs)

Buttler 5, Bairstow 7

Trent Boult from the other end for New Zealand, and it’s a couple of dots to Bairstow to get started.

Make that three... pushes it across the right-hander, who very nearly edges it behind! Easy push through the covers for a couple lifts the pressure that was starting to build in the over.

Bit of a wild slash from Bairstow, who gets lucky and the inside edge just misses the stumps and runs away for another boundary.

14:06 , Matt Verri

ENG 6/0 (1.0 overs)

Buttler 5, Bairstow 1

Short ball first up from Southee, which Buttler pulls to fine leg to get England off the mark with a single.

Bairstow then gets himself underway with a quick single, good running from the opening pair.

Lovely out-swinger from Southee beats the outside edge of Buttler, before the England star finishes the over with a nice flick off the pads for the first boundary of the match.

Anthems done

14:00 , Matt Verri

The England team walk off, the New Zealand players have their pre-match huddle, and we’re just about ready to begin.

It will be Tim Southee to take the new ball, as Buttler and Bairstow stride out onto the pitch.

Umpires and players out

13:53 , Matt Verri

It’s almost time for the semi-final to get underway!

Players are out onto the pitch. National anthems to be sung, and then Buttler and Bairstow will make their way to the middle.

Pre-match thoughts

13:49 , Matt Verri

Will Macpherson in Abu Dhabi

13:48 , Matt Verri

The ledger has been levelled a little bit in the last week or so, with quite a few teams winning batting first. But there is no doubt England would rather have chased tonight. It’s very difficult to know what would represent a big score.

Morgan at the toss

13:41 , Matt Verri

The England captain confirms he too would have bowled first had he won the toss.

Also had this to say on Roy’s injury and Billings coming in to the side:

“Devastating to come so close to the latter stages of the tournament, but an opportunity presents itself for Sam.”

13:38 , Matt Verri

So, England as expected opt to promote Jonny Bairstow up the order, with Sam Billings coming in to the middle order. He’s down to bat at seven, but as we’ve seen England have been very flexible with their batting order.

New Zealand unchanged for the fifth match in a row. Unsurprising with the dew-factor later on that they have decided to field first.


13:36 , Matt Verri

Guptill, Mitchell, Williamson, Conway, Phillips, Neesham, Santner, Milne, Southee, Sodhi, Boult


13:34 , Matt Verri

Buttler, Bairstow, Malan, Morgan, Livingstone, Moeen, Billings, Woakes, Jordan, Rashid, Wood

New Zealand win the toss

13:34 , Matt Verri

Kane Williamson wins the toss, and New Zealand will bowl first

Raring to go?

13:25 , Matt Verri

We’ll assume Kyle Jamieson is not expecting to be involved...

It’s either that, or he’s an incredibly relaxed individual.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Visualising more runs...

13:18 , Matt Verri

He’s spent plenty of time in the middle so far this tournament, and Buttler has been out there once again ahead of the match.

Even more onus on him to deliver this afternoon with his usual opening partner out of the team.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Taking in conditions

13:05 , Matt Verri

Chris Jordan and Adil Rashid have been taking a closer look at the pitch.

About 25 minutes to go until the toss, and then we’ll know for sure how England have decided to line-up without Roy.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Important hair updates from the ground

12:55 , Matt Verri

Last meeting...

12:43 , Matt Verri

Everyone remembers the dramatic 2019 World Cup final at Lord’s between the two sides, but England and New Zealand served up similar entertainment the last time they met in a T20 match.

That was exactly two years ago today in Auckland, with the series tied up at 2-2.

In a shortened match due to the weather, New Zealand posted 146/5 off their 11 overs, before England hit a four off the final ball to send it to a Super Over. Again.

Eoin Morgan and Jonny Bairstow made 17 off their six balls, and Chris Jordan then restricted New Zealand to just eight as England came out on top.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Will Macpherson in Abu Dhabi

12:34 , Matt Verri

Welcome to Abu Dhabi, where the toss is about an hour away. It’s hot, as it always is in this part of the world, and there’s a pretty strong breeze from one end to the other. The boundaries are big here, and the pitch was used eight days ago. It looks quite green from afar but is said to be pretty dry.

England obviously have a big decision to make about how to replace Jason Roy. I suspect Jonny Bairstow will go to the top of the order, but it could be that Liam Livingstone or Dawid Malan get the promotion.

Sam Billings is expected to come into the middle order, but David Willey and Tom Curran could come into a reshaped side. Eoin Morgan has had a good look at the pitch, so a decision will have been made by now.

Buttler to star?

12:24 , Matt Verri

Jos Buttler has undoubtedly been the star of England’s campaign so far, with 240 runs at an incredible average of 120 across the five matches so far.

Only Pakistan’s Babar Azam has more in the tournament, with 264 runs to his name.

Babar will have the chance to add to his tally in tomorrow’s semi-final against Australia, but England will be hoping Buttler can make another significant contribution this afternoon.

Marcus Trescothick interview

12:10 , Matt Verri

“This is a real privileged place to be at the moment. At practise, you see things that you’ve never seen before, the way these guys hit the ball.”

Great to hear how much Marcus Trescothick is enjoying his time in the UAE as England’s batting coach.

Read Will Macpherson’s exclusive interview with the former England opener here.

Trescothick: Coaching this England reminds me how great touring can be

View from the ground...

11:59 , Matt Verri


11:50 , Matt Verri

Without Roy and off the back of a defeat, England are facing their biggest test at their weakest moment of this short tournament.

It is all relative of course, with Morgan’s side incredibly strong so far and full of tournament experience - but the same can be said of New Zealand.

It will be incredibly tight and the Black Caps may have enough to eke out some revenge for that 50-over heartbreak back in 2019. But the incredible form of Buttler and England’s explosive power should get the job done.

England to win. Just.


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