The English are coming for Scotch's crown – Drink with Gerard Richardson

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Gerard Richardson
Gerard Richardson

IF you are a Scotch distiller, I'd like to offer a word of warning; the sassenachs are coming!

In fact, to be clearer, it seems like the whole world is coming for your crown and while it's still firmly on the Scottish head right now, there are plenty of reasons to watch over your shoulder.

The Japanese are producing some incredible malts, albeit in my opinion clones or excellent copies of Scotch; the Dutch and Swedish are producing a range of gorgeous oak driven whiskies; our American cousins have their own world famous version in bourbon and even countries like South Africa, Australia and New Zealand are getting in on the act, but I'd say the ones to watch are the pesky English.

English whisky effectively died out before the First World War but, in 2005, the English Whisky Co restored production south of Hadrian's Wall and over the last 17 years, the number of whisky distillers has increased exponentially.

Anyway, with new premium blends such as Coachbuilt by Jenson Button adding a new twist to an old story, Scotland is still the king, but here’s a pair from either side of the wall so you can decide yourselves.

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Coachbuilt by Jenson Button (yes, that Jenson Button!)

I was sceptical of this but what a beautiful whisky for the price. It's a blend of all the regions of Scotland which is finished off in sherry casks. Christmas cake fruits on the nose with caramel and cocoa on the finish. Smooth. £42

The One Sherry Cask Finished Whisky

When the sherry casks in question are the PX versions, the finish is always going to be rich, with lashings of treacly fruit, cocoa and hints of smoke. A very superior English blend. £48

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