English-speaking comedy takes on the French stand-up scene

This week, we're focusing on those who brave the stage in the hope that we'll be left rolling in the aisles. French comedy clubs are frequently full for one-man shows, and there's an Anglophone pack of stand-uppers eager to make France titter and giggle. We went to meet two of them.

Anna Beth Crist is an American living in Paris. By day, she’s a virologist. But at night, she drops the test tubes to test out her latest gags. We headed to one of her regular performance venues, the Goku comedy club, to meet her.

Our second guest is a man who's made it from small comedy clubs to the brighter lights of bigger theatres. Paul Taylor has perhaps one of the most British names possible. Yet he's a big deal in France, with his affectionate mockery of the country and its people. His latest show is called "Bisoubye X". We popped into his recording studio to chat to him.

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