English YouTuber 'broke' fans tooth with microphone during live Edinburgh show

An English YouTuber was left in stitches after a fan waiting for him outside a show in Edinburgh explained that last time he was at the show he "broke his tooth" with the microphone.

Jack Dean, better known as JaaackMaate, shared the "hilarious" moment on his blog which he had filmed of his time in the capital while here to do a podcast show at the Queen's Hall in Southside.

After the show, the hosts met some fans outside for a chat and one of those waiting was Robert, who told Jack that during a previous live show in Edinburgh there was a bit of an incident involving a microphone, reports EdinburghLive.

The team's trip to Edinburgh was documented and uploaded to YouTube, in a clip titled 'I Broke A Fan's Tooth On Stage in Edinburgh'.

In the vlog, Jack is standing with Robert as he tells him: "So on the last tour, I was in the front row. We were singing Stevie is a w****r, the microphone got put in my face and chipped my tooth."

Luckily that wasn't the stand-out experience the hosts had during their time in Edinburgh. The trio also set out to get some food and were seemingly amazed by a local Wetherspoons - The Caley Picture House.

Jack said: "I was joking about it being bougie, but it actually is." As he walked around filming the location to the embarrassment of his pal.

Before he added: "It's bloody lovely. It's so nice! It's like an old theatre. I'm filming the ceiling, it's so nice."

The visit to Edinburgh was the first date of their Big Fat Massive Hunt tour.

The Happy Hour podcast also heads to Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Nottingham, Bristol, Exeter, London, Norwich and Cardiff.

Describing the tour, the team said: "JaackMaate’s Happy Hour Podcast is back on the road with a yet another stage show nobody asked for.

"If you thought The Round Sheep Tour was questionable, wait for what critics are calling 'the tricky second tour'."

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