Enjoy the punchy, colorful combat of action platformer Anomaly Agent

 Screenshot form action platformer game Anomaly Agent.
Screenshot form action platformer game Anomaly Agent.

Indie action platformer Anomaly Agent released this week, giving players a chance to be a funky-fresh secret agent battling his way through a cyberpunk world. It's the kind of slick and quick and smooth, yet very methodical, action that has gotten pretty popular in the last few years.

Early players are comparing Anomaly Agent to much-loved action platformer Katana Zero, a pretty notable comparison for those into the wider genre. As of press time Anomaly Agent has a pretty slick 97% positive user reviews on Steam, out of 3,359.

Anomaly Agent focuses on a blend of firearms and melee combat, blending weapon attacks with punches and kicks to stylishly take down opponents. In addition, anomaly weapons allow you to use more of the world as your fighting grounds by tossing enemies around mid-fight.

The combat is balanced between attacks and more acrobatic maneuvers: rolls, slides, and jumps are important to let you escape large groups of enemies and to dodge their attacks. From what I can tell, however, how you choose to upgrade over the course of play really influences how useful that type of escape-and-evade gameplay actually is.

Anomaly Agent is developed and self-published by developer Phew Phew Games, who appear to be based in Turkey. You can check out their modest website here.

You can find Anomaly Agent on Steam. It's $12, though there's a 20% off launch sale until January 31 if you want to save $2.40.