Enter Yahoo Finance's Elevator Pitch video series to make your business idea a reality

Do you have a business idea for the next big thing? Yahoo Finance wants to hear from you.

Yahoo Finance is launching a new vertical video series, ‘The Elevator Pitch’ to help promote the new ideas, services or products of passionate innovators from around the world.

Think you’re on to the next big thing? All you need to do is send us a 45-second video pitch. It can be shot with a video camera or simply an iPhone or other smartphone device.

Think of your pitch this way: You step into an elevator with a top CEO or investor who says, “Let’s hear it! You’ve got 45 seconds to make a clear, attention-grabbing, unforgettable pitch before I reach my helipad.” We’ll select our favorite pitches and promote them across all of our media platforms—that’s millions of potential investors.

To submit your pitch, email your video to epitch@oath.com.

Along with your video submission, please include the following criteria, in writing:
– Title of pitch
– Details about pitch
– Fundraising goal
– How will funds will be used
– Deadline for fundraising goal
– Backers currently in support
– Estimated date of roll-out or delivery
– Follow-up contact information