Enthusiastic VR player plays a game of virtual goalkeeping - before crashing into a fence

This is the funny moment a man wearing a VR headset to play a virtual goalkeeping game ended up crashing into a metal fence. Matthew Wakefield, 24, was playing a computer game in the EURO 2020 Football Village in Potters Fields Park, London. Unaware of his surroundings, he was wearing a headset and acting out the role of goalkeeper in the football game. Watched and filmed by his pal Oliver Moir, 24, site manager Matthew dived into some nearby fencing in a bit to catch a virtual ball. Trainee accountant Oliver, from Southport, said: "I could see what Matthew was doing on the screen so it's quite funny to watch. "We had a few beers before that and we were calling him 'Jordan, Jordan, England's Number One' - after Jordan Pickford.To be honest, we weren't very helpful when Matthew crashed into the railings because there were so many staff around who stepped in and helped. We just laughed." *This video was filmed 19th June 2021.

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