The entire Internet is mocking ISIS for 'claiming' the Parsons Green terror attack

Just hours after a bucket bomb detonated on a packed Tube train in the latest terrorist attack to hit the UK, the Islamic State terror group reportedly claimed responsibility for the attack.

According toUS-based Site Intelligence, the group claimed responsibility for the attack through its Amaq news agency, but the UK’s most senior anti-terror police officer Mark Rowley said police had to be open-minded about who had planted the bomb and their “potential associates”.


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Islamic State’s rush to claim involvement in the attack, which left 29 people injured, sparked mockery across social media, with the widespread use of the Twitter hashtag #ThingsIslamicStateShouldClaim.

Many people used the hashtag to bring humour to the horrific situation, citing common annoyances that could be attributed to the terror group, from finding the end of sellotape to people walking slowly.

The response sparked many to praise the British sense of humour in the wake of adversity, with one user saying: “The ‘#ThingsIslamicStateShouldClaim’ hashtag just sums British humour up perfectly”.

Another added: “#ThingsIslamicStateShouldClaim is the most British response to terrorism I have ever seen. I bloody love this country!”