Entire roof on house COLLAPSES under the weight of heavy snowfall

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This is the moment an entire roof on massive house COLLAPSED under the weight of heavy snowfall.

Footage shows a residential road blanketed with 6ft of snow following sub-zero temperatures. 

A bystander heard loud creaking noises coming from a three-storey house, so turned his camera on.

Seconds later the roof can be seen caving in on itself, shattering the entire top floor. 

No casualties were reported from the residential house in Srinagar, Kashmir, North India. 

An eyewitness said: "We heard a loud thud, then a crack before the rooftop of the house came crashing down.

"We feel for the neighbours as their house is now damaged. 

"We are with them in these distressing time."

Heavy snowfall in the area has reportedly prompted authorities to ration petrol and diesel. 

The footage was filmed on January 6 2021.