Entitled airplane passenger’s baffling ‘footsie’ move shocks traveler: ‘Don’t be this person’

Entitled airplane passenger’s baffling ‘footsie’ move shocks traveler: ‘Don’t be this person’

This is more than one toe over the line.

Another day, another pedi crime in the sky: A passenger photographed the appalling moment that a flyer behind her poked their foot underneath their seat, as detailed in a viral Reddit post.

“Don’t be this person,” the Redditor captioned the photo, which was taken by a friend during a recent undisclosed flight.

The pic shows the photographer’s space being violated by a socked foot belonging to the person behind them.

The encroachment is so egregious that the foot is actually touching the photog’s sneaker like a game of inflight footsie.

The Redditariat was quick to hold the offender’s toes to the fire.

“I’d step on their toes really hard and go oopsie,” said one commenter in suggesting how to deal with the tootsie troll.

Another wrote, “Sure would be a shame if some of that water spilled.”

“Just turn around and say, ‘I don’t think our relationship has progressed along far enough to the level of “footsie” intimacy,'” a third advised.

Others shared similar experiences with podiatric space invaders.

“This happened to me recently,” claimed one Redditor. “Except not only was the foot just there, the guy would occasionally run his toes up my calf!! Creepy as hell. I kicked back at him a few times to no avail.

“My boyfriend stomping on his foot finally made it stop,” they added. “Haha.”

Many wondered why the poster didn’t inform a flight attendant of the pedi crime.

However, other armchair travelers claimed that encroaching is unavoidable for taller passengers, despite agreeing that the aforementioned space invasion was indeed heinous

“If the person behind me tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I was okay about them encroaching my space because they’re large, no problem at all. Encroach away,” said one sympathizer. “But if they unapologetically start taking over my limited space then they can deal with wet toes when I spill the contents of my water bottle.”

Meanwhile, some commenters claimed that the passenger might’ve been oblivious to the encroachment.

“The dude might not even realize his foot is sticking into their space; it’s not like you can see under the seat that’s 4.5″ in front of you,” said one.

On a related note, many travel experts claim that people shouldn’t remove their shoes during flights.

Doing so, flight experts warn, can be hazardous due to the risk of shoes cluttering an aisle, or people having to move sans shoes during an emergency.

“You should keep your shoes on during takeoff and landing, because that’s the most dangerous part of the flight,” an anonymous flight attendant for Qatar Airways told the travel blog The Points Guy.

Of course, TPG notes that it’s essential to exercise proper podiatric hygiene and, most of all, keep one’s feet to oneself.