Environmental Activists Spray Paint on London Rolex Store

Two people have been arrested after environmental activists sprayed orange paint on the storefront of Rolex in central London on Friday, October 28, the Met Police said.

Footage recorded by Just Stop Oil shows the activists at the store on Knightsbridge, near Hyde Park.

The Met Police said two Just Stop Oil protesters had been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage on Friday morning.

The action marked day 28 of city-wide protests by the environmental group, which is calling for the UK government to halt all new new oil and gas licences and consents. Credit: Just Stop Oil via Storyful

Video transcript

- I'm a grandfather. I have two grandchildren.

- Four kids.

- I'm not willing to do that. I'm not willing to sit back and just let our government do it in my name because I will not put my name to it. [MUTED] I would rather not be doing this, but I see this as a fun way to get people's attention.

There are many, many other things that I do. Many positive things like causing damage. So I do feel it necessary, at this time, to get people's attention.

- I picked up on the right side of history. I have to do the right thing by the people that I love and that means disrupting business as usual. That means making a stance, because nothing will change unless people take back their power.