Environmentalists pour out 'eco-enzyme' substance to cleanse dirty rivers of Indonesia for Earth Day

Dozens of environmental activists turned out to pour organic 'eco-enzyme' compounds into polluted rivers in Indonesia to mark Earth Day (April 22). Rahmawati, the action co-ordinator for this action in the city of Padang, stated: "Approximately 300 litres of eco-enzyme substances are being poured into this dirty stream, because this water flow is in the center of Padang city, in the Teak area which is polluted due to wastewater from hospitals, households and trading businesses." The eco-enzyme compound is a liquid made from fermented organic waste, and functions as an organic disinfectant. Rahmawati added that: "Eco-enzyme is a fermentation substance from vegetable and fruit waste that is left for about three months with brown sugar or palm sugar, which is believed to be toxic to kill bacteria in rivers or sewers that are filled with bacteria."