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These shower curtain clips are like splash guards for your bathroom — and they're under $3 a pop

There's nothing like winding down with a hot shower at the end of a long day. But stepping out onto a sopping wet floor is enough to make your good mood go poof! The culprit is often an unruly shower curtain, which, if not secured to the wall, can cause water to leak out. This results in a frustrating mess at best and pricey damage at worst. But there's an easy (and super affordable) solution: Eonmir Shower Curtain Clips. These adhesive holders keep your curtain fastened to the wall to ensure water stays in the tub or stall, where it's supposed to — and they're under $3 each.

Proactively stop water leaks in their tracks with these nifty b-room essentials. 

$10 at Amazon

The little things in life often have the biggest impact, and these Eonmir Shower Curtain Clips are no exception. Just think of how much more you'll enjoy your daily shower routine without having to worry about mopping up water spills or shelling out lots of cash for repairs and/or mold removal (ew!). Plus, if you have a curtain that tends to cling to you while you're trying to bathe, clipping it to your wall can solve that issue as well.

In case you're someone who hears the word 'installation' and feels like running for the hills, these gizmos were designed with you in mind. To apply them, all you do is swipe a bit of rubbing alcohol to the area you intend to place them, peel away their backing to reveal an adhesive sticker and just press 'em on! No tools, hardly any time.

modern bathroom with white shower curtain and sink
File these genius shower clips under, 'Why didn't I think of that?' (Photo: Getty Images)

To ensure they don't budge, it's advised to tape them down for a day before using. From there, just slide your curtain into the opening and it'll stay put. Since the slot is tight — it's designed to really keep the curtain from moving, after all! — this step might take a little time, but reviewers say it gets easier the more you do it.

The clips are more effective with cloth/fabric curtains, as a thicker material is less prone to slipping out. That said, this reviewer had no problem when they tried securing a plastic curtain. You'll also want to make sure you attach them to smooth walls, as they weren't designed for surfaces like plaster, concrete, gypsum or wall paper.

series of photos showing how to apply the shower curtain clips
These shower curtain clips stick to your wall in just four easy steps: wipe, peel, press, insert! (Photo: Amazon)

More than 1,700 Amazon customers gave the Eonmir Shower Curtain Clips a perfect five-star rating, so you know they're doing something right:

"No more clingy shower curtain and no more water on the floor!" exclaimed a happy shopper. "The adhesive is strong and the clip itself is tight, very easy to clean! Great quality, reasonably priced!"

"Saved my home from water damage," wrote a (now) relieved reviewer. "We have an old porcelain tub, which was never intended to be a shower. ... The spray from the shower was not contained by the shower curtain and dripped down the tile walls, onto the floor and into the powder room below. Water damage all in the name of personal hygiene. These little plastic clips are AWESOME and hold the shower curtain tight to the wall so all of the shower water stays INSIDE the tub. Getting the curtain into the clips can be a little tricky, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not too bad."

"My shower kept leaking to my downstairs," shared a final fan. "I applied these to my shower, no more leaks. Great product."

10 bucks is a small price to pay for peace of mind! 

$10 at Amazon

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