Epic battle erupts between Science Museum and Natural History Museum during Twitter’s #AskACurator day

Sebastian Mann
Clash: The Natural History Museum insisted it had the stronger arsenal for a battle in its vast collection: PA

Staff from two of London’s top museums became embroiled in a hilarious public spat – over who would win in a fight.

Science Museum curators clashed with staff from the Natural History Museum as part of Twitter’s #AskACurator day.

Social media users were made to imagine dinosaurs sparring with robots after one asked which team of curators would win in a “staff battle”.

Each argued its collection was the stronger arsenal, with the Science Museum brandishing its Polaris nuclear missile as the NHM threatened to deploy lava.

The jokey exchanges, part of the London museums’ efforts to engage people online, continued undeterred by an intervention from neighbour the V&A, which tweeted: “Guys... we are all friends here at Exhibition Road!”