'Epic!' Canadian dad films MASSIVE moth at very moment it is caught and eaten by MOUSE

A dad from Canada was filming a luna moth near his home in Montreal on Sunday (May 31) when a MOUSE suddenly leapt up and caught the giant insect before devouring it. Daniel Freiheit could hardly believe what he was witnessing. "Epic!" he exclaims moments after the wild mammal pounces. "Good job, you little rodent," he adds. Freiheit then continues to narrate the action, often hilariously. "He's going to stuff the whole thing in his mouth....Do it, buddy - go whole hog!" he says. "He's getting too fat and tired. I can relate, buddy - we all have that regret when we're having a midnight snack," Freiheit adds. Eventually, the rodent appears to lose interest in the moth and Freiheit stops recording. Luna moths are among the largest in North America.

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