Epic Drone Footage Shows Daredevil Kayaker Paddling Through Austrian Gorge

A keen kayaker recently tackled the churning waters of Kaiserklamm in Aschau, Austria, with epic drone footage documenting his trip down the rapids.

The drone footage, recorded by Julian Strauss, navigates through the narrow gorge in a sequence of establishing shots before following kayaker Bren Orton on his harrowing endeavor.

GoPro footage recorded by Orton from his kayak shows him getting out of the water and talking to the camera.

Orton published the footage to his Instagram account with the caption: “Ever since my first lap down the Kaiserklamm, I thought how incredible it would be to find someone that could fly a drone down this epic little micro gorge.” Orton thanked Strauss for his collaborative effort. Credit: Julian Strauss/Bren Orton via Storyful

Video transcript


BREN ORTON: Enough time to know. Seems stressed about me falling in on my own. Then they tried to fly the drone. They flew the drone. And it backflipped. Crashed off the coast and into the water. Then it goes into the water to get it, in the lake.

Expensive flotation device. But what about all tied to the drone with all my stuff. So if that had come off, the drone would have sunk. How crazy. How crazy lucky are we. I hope the footage is-- I hope the footage it is as sick as we hoped. And yeah. Excited to watch it all. Never a dull moment flying the drone down some of those rapids.