Equine Herpes Virus (Type 1) reported in western LaGrange County

Feb. 2—LAGRANGE COUNTY — The Indiana Board of Animal Health announced that Equine Herpes Virus (type 1) has been detected and reported in western LaGrange County.

According to a statement from Purdue Extension Elkhart County, owners can spread it animal to animal by contaminated hands or clothing. EVH 1 and 4 are mainly spread by nose-to-nose contact or equipment, while EHV 3 is mainly spread during the breeding process.

More Information

The websites provided below have the clinical symptoms of EHV and more information about it.



People should monitor their horses for signs of EHV (fever, depression, stumbling/weakness) and be careful when traveling to other locations, the statement reads.

Those who suspect their horse has EHV should isolate that horse from the rest and contact a veterinarian. Any equipment that may have been in contact with that horse or any equipment used to clean the stall should be cleaned and disinfected well.

*Extension officials noted to make sure to quarantine any horse that's being introduced to the farm for 30 days before housing with the rest.