Eric Adams: New York City's new mayor calls 911 after spotting assault during media engagement

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New York City's new mayor Eric Adams, a retired captain in the New York Police Department, called in an assault he witnessed during one of his first media engagements.

Adams became the second black mayor of New York City when he was sworn into office on Saturday morning after holding a ceremony in Times Square.

While surrounded by the media on an overground walkway at the Kosciuszko Street subway station in Brooklyn, Mr Adams spotted three men fighting in the street and called 911.

A video posted on Twitter by Myles Miller shows the mayor speaking to the operator, telling them: "I'm at Broadway Kosciusko, and I have an assault in progress of three males.

"No - assault in progress, not past assault, they are fighting each other on the street right now, three males," he clarifies.

According to Mr Miller, who was present as the mayor made the call, police later attended the scene before leaving. It is unclear what happened to the men involved in the fracas.

Mr Adams - who has said he wants his first three pay cheques in the role to be made out in Bitcoin - was sworn in during the New Year celebrations at Times Square, shortly after 2022 was rung in.

He faces an immense challenge as he takes office while the city is grappling with record COVID-19 cases driven by the Omicron variant.

Mr Adams has said he will keep in place many of the restrictions brought in by outgoing mayor Bill de Blasio, which include some of the most strict vaccine mandates in the US.

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