Eric Cantona video: Manchester United legend sends Instagram into meltdown with explicit egg clip

James Morris

Eric Cantona has sparked an internet frenzy after posting a bizarre – and explicit – egg video on his Instagram feed.

The Manchester United legend’s video prompted a combination of outrage, bemusement and hilarity on social media.

It was a marked contrast from his recent posts, including one of him posing with United heroes Sir Alex Ferguson and Ole Gunnar Solskjær.

The graphic video was on Instagram for more than an hour after Cantona posted it on Wednesday afternoon but has now been deleted.

It showed an unknown man cracking an egg open with his genitals.

Journalist Tony Cuddihy felt obliged to post an apology on Twitter after watching it in a restaurant.

He wrote: “To the dining public at this very busy restaurant in Rathmines, I apologise for what you just saw on my screen when I checked Eric Cantona’s Instagram feed.

“Being a die-hard Manchester United fan should come with a warning.”

Another journalist, Si Lloyd, shared some sound advice, tweeting: "Eric Cantona's Instagram. Don't look at it."