Eric Dane says Adam Baldwin ‘needs to muzzle his Twitter feed at times’

Eric Dane has admitted that he thinks Adam Baldwin “needs to muzzle his Twitter feed at times”.

The two were co-stars on the five-season action series The Last Ship, about a captain who is trying to save humanity from total extinction after a virus wipes out more than half of the population.

In a new interview with The Daily Beast, the Euphoria star, who’s an outspoken progressive, was asked whether he ever butted heads with Baldwin, who has often used his Twitter platform to share his right-wing political beliefs.

“I just don’t follow him on Twitter,” said Dane. “Listen, Adam is a sweet man who needs to muzzle his Twitter feed at times.

“I never had nothing but love for the guy,” he continued.

Dane claimed that the first few seasons of the show “were amazing,” but that things eventually “morphed into a gunfight and the curse of cool”.

“It was hard for me to engage when that dynamic entered the workspace,” he said.

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He also suggested that his previous roles on Grey’s Anatomy and The Last Ship never really allowed him to grow as an actor.

“None of it challenged me,” Dane added. “None of it really demanded that I maintain some level of vulnerability.”

Instead, he feels his role on Euphoria “is an entirely different ballgame”.

“There’s a stillness in the work that I had never had before. A pause. I love this job,” he said.

The Independent has contacted Baldwin’s representative for comment.