Spike Milligan scriptwriter becomes parish priest

Spike Milligan alongside Peter Sellers and Harry Secombe in The Goons - ALAMY
Spike Milligan alongside Peter Sellers and Harry Secombe in The Goons - ALAMY

A church in Kent could enjoy an amusing Easter sermon. Martin Booth, who wrote scripts for Ronnie Barker and Spike Milligan, has become the priest in charge of St Mary’s, near Sevenoaks.

“I’ve never liked performing, and was always a backroom boy, but, since I’ve been in my parish, I’m much happier in front of an audience,” he says. “It’s not just about making people laugh, which is a blessing in itself, it’s also about helping them in life.

“I was writing sketches for people who were my heroes like Spike Milligan. I’d grown up with The Goon Show and it was an incredible honour to write that stuff which Spike not only accepted as of a reasonable standard but was prepared to go out and perform. I’ve watched some of our greatest performers in action – so I’ve learnt about comic timing.

“I use humour in my services, but I’ll also try to include a funny anecdote in my sermon. It’s a way of showing we all have ups and downs in our lives.”

He adds: “In showbiz, I never really found myself in a situation where I had to mock religion. For more than 20 years, I’d been involved in the church and thought about being ordained a number of times. The decision definitely wasn’t an overnight thing. I would ask myself if I could do more good in my showbiz job or as a parish priest?”

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