Erin Brockovich blasts Trump over ‘reckless, careless’ environmental regulation rollbacks

This week on "Through Her Eyes," Zainab Salbi speaks with environmental activist Erin Brockovich. Brockovich became a household name almost 20 years ago when Julia Roberts brought her legal battle with Pacific Gas and Electric to the big screen, but Brockovich hasn't slowed down since then. She's slamming the Trump administration for rolling back dozens of environment regulations, saying the administration is "playing with with everybody's lives." And she's still taking on old nemesis PG&E, calling them out for using faulty equipment that may have played a role in the recent California wildfires. But Brockovich isn't drawing lines in the sand along party lines. She wants the environment to be a central issue in the 2020 election for both Republicans AND Democrats, and says we shouldn't politicize universal needs like clean water.